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Lauren Wilson


February 16, 2015

How Pure Float Captured 400 new email leads with Heyo’s Do-It-For-Me Service

February 16, 2015 | By | One Comment">One Comment

If you’re a small business owner, you know that time is your most valuable resource. Heyo can save you time creating contests to capture email leads and drive sales, but now we’ve developed a new service that will save you even more time! Heyo’s new ‘Do It For Me’ service is developed for those who might not have the technical know-how, or are too busy to learn how to properly and successfully run a campaign. Read on to learn how Heyo helped a brand new float spa capture almost 400 new email leads.

heyo do it for me service
Meet Coy Broderick, the owner of Pure Float, a float spa located in Vancouver. Coy has a personal story behind his inspiration for opening his float spa. After studying Japanese in Japan for a few years, Coy moved back to Vancouver to work in sales for his family’s business. He suffered from anxiety, and discovered meditation while looking for ways to relax. Then he discovered floating – a different kind of meditation – and his website describes it as having the ability to “alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, relieve pain and much more…” Coy says floating has been an amazing tool that got his life balanced and back on track, so he wanted to share it with everyone else. Thus was born Pure Float!

Coy discovered Heyo and our new ‘Do It For Me’ service right after Pure Float opened in November of 2014. Pure Float was one of Heyo’s first Do It For Me clients. The Campaign Executive for Pure Float, Chris, was responsible for creating the campaign, a link share post, as well as a light promotion strategy for Coy.

“As a new business owner, I thought running a Facebook contest would be a great
way to get the word out and generate some buzz. I also had a goal to build my email
list. When the contest was over, I had collected almost 400 new email leads, and created a lot of great buzz on social media. I was really pleased with the success.”

Setting Up the Campaign

Chris decided it would be best to run a contest using the Sweepstakes template, since it is the best way to capture email leads quickly. A designer from the Heyo team created a custom hero image for the campaign, and Chris wrote the compelling copy for the contest description. Since Pure Float was a new business with a brand new following on Facebook, Coy was interested in boosting his fan base significantly. Instead of just one entry based on email, the Sweepstakes boasted a chance to receive extra entries by re-tweeting the contest and sharing the photo with the hashtag #purefloat on Instagram. Since hashtags are easy to track, this was a simple way to boost fan engagement across social platforms.

One of the things we say most at Heyo is to be mindful of your audience when picking a prize, and not to offer your own product or service. Instead, think of your ideal customer or user – what else are they interested in? Pure Float knew that their customers are interested in meditation and relaxation, so they created a package deal: $250 to a yoga studio of the winner’s choice, as well as a 1-year membership to Pure Float.

heyo do it for me service

Promoting the Campaign

Coy used multiple methods of promoting to make sure that his campaign got the most visibility possible. He featured the campaign on the banner on the homepage of Pure Float’s website, created Facebook ads, and promoted across social media platforms.

First, he promoted his campaign with organic Facebook link share posts. Since campaigns publish to the Apps section instead of the Timeline, it’s important to share these posts in order to get the campaign in front of your current fans. Using the Smart URL was key to the success of these posts, since it senses whether an entrant is using a mobile device or on a desktop computer.

heyo do it for me service

Pure Float’s campaign was also promoted on Instagram and Twitter. As I mentioned earlier, they set it up so that fans could get an extra entry by posting to their Instagram and Twitter using #purefloat. Along with the extra activity that the hashtag offered, PureFloat posted to both Instagram and Twitter using the social sharing image that Heyo created for them.

heyo do it for me service

Results of the Campaign

When Pure Float’s campaign finished,Coy collected almost 400 new emails at a conversion rate of 32% – an incredible rate for a brand new business.


If you’re busy, or just want to learn from the experts about how to run a successful campaign, try Heyo’s ‘Do It For Me’ service! You’ll get to work with a skilled social media specialist to create and launch a beautiful, high-converting campaign. You’ll get features like professional design, a custom-built campaign, promotion/marketing strategy, and full phone support during your campaign.



Lauren Wilson is a Technical Writer and Customer Engagement Specialist at Heyo. She graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2014 with a degree in English/Professional Writing and Creative Writing.