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April 23, 2014

How a Ski Resort Hit 30 percent Email Conversion Rate via Facebook

April 23, 2014 | By | One Comment">One Comment

If you’re interested in getting more likes, capturing more emails, and driving a 30% email conversion on your Facebook contests, keep reading.

On January 17, Heyo customer and CEO of Out and About Marketing, Milena Regos, launched a Facebook contest for her client, Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Squaw Valley wanted the contest to drive additional likes for the page in addition to capturing fan emails.

Over the first 11 days, the campaign converted at over 30 percent and helped drive 6,975 new likes. This means for every 100 people that viewed the campaign, 30 entered their email. You can see the contest they ran below.


Like most people, your landing pages likely convert around 2-5%. So what does Squaw Valley have that us mere mortals don’t?

Squaw Valley used the Heyo Contest Template which incorporates 3 critical features required to run a Facebook campaign that converts at 30%, like a pro.

1. The Incentive

Milena helped Squaw Valley choose a contest incentive that is both relevant to the brand and relevant to current events.

By giving away a pair of skis or a snowboard when the Sochi Olympic games start, Squaw Valley maximizes the potential reach of the campaign by piggy backing off current news.

As you think about incentives to use for Facebook contests you run, think about current events, geography, and your ideal customer.

2. The Urgency

When people are using Facebook, they are constantly being presented with distractions. These distractions include new friend requests, new messages, and new notifications.

At any moment, you could loose this potential visitor (and/or email conversion) to one of these distractions. Urgency is the key to driving action and conversions.

We recommend you run campaigns in 15 day increments.

email conversion 2When a fan lands on the Squaw Valley campaign urgency is immediately created with the countdown. If you’re wondering why your campaign isn’t converting, see if you’ve created any urgency and add the countdown if you don’t have it already.

3. The Viral Coefficient

Squaw Valley’s campaign feeds itself new traffic based off the simple structure of the entry process.

You’ll notice on the left side of the campaign, there are 4 steps fans must go through in order to enter. First users enter their email, then they are asked to click “like”. Lastly fans are asked to share and tweet the campaign.

email conversion 3

The last 2 steps turn fans into a marketing force for Squaw Valley because fans share the contest and drive their friends to the Squaw Valley campaign as new traffic.

A quick search for #SochiDailyGiveaway on Twitter shows that fans are eagerly sharing. This is driving incredible exposure and visibility to Squaw Valley’s campaign.

Your Turn

Once you’ve crafted a strong incentive, created urgency, and structured your campaign so that it gets free traffic (self sustaining), you’re well on your way to higher conversions.

You can clone the Squaw Valley campaign here by registering and using the Contest Template under premium templates.

The original version of this article was originally published on InsideFacebook. Click here to read it.




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