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Social Media Marketing for Business

Emily Goodrich


July 22, 2014

How a Software Company Achieved 39% Conversion Rate with Heyo

Getting more Likes on your fan page is great, but what about reaching people outside of Facebook? Heyo templates are all about email capture, and that’s exactly what Heyo customer Ryan Millner, Social Media Manager at OMG Total Protection, was looking for with his latest contest.

Read on to find out how the Heyo Sweepstakes template helped OMG Total Protection’s contest achieved a conversion rate of 39%!

Running a Successful Sweepstakes as a Software Company

OMG Total Protection is a software company headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, that creates technology solutions with the customer in mind. They grew out of OMG Tech Help, a full service tech support company, to suit various customer needs. Ryan is tasked with connecting with customers and fans through social media, and was looking for a better way to reach fans via email marketing.

As Social Media Manager, Ryan was looking for a tool to aid him in capturing emails for future email marketing purposes.

Heyo’s Sweepstakes template helped Ryan set up and launch a mobile-ready sweepstakes in no time. Ryan picked a prize, set up the sweepstakes with a couple images and a brief contest overview, and announced the contest to OMG Total Protection’s 929 fans.

I’m really happy with how the campaign is going. Heyo was extremely easy to use. I just set up the images and typed in some copy and let Heyo take care of the rest. I wasn’t so sure that people would enter for a chance to win software, but with a few organic posts to our Facebook page we’ve driven over 1849 impressions and captured over 705 emails. I think it’s great that Heyo did the legwork in finding the science behind what works.


Ryan’s sweepstakes set up.

Because Heyo’s Sweepstakes template is easy to set up, once Ryan had chosen the prize, all he had to do was create a prize image and bring in OMG Total Protection’s logo. The drag-and-drop editor helped him do the rest. The entry form was already set up to encourage sharing across Facebook and Twitter.

So, why did the prize garner so much attention? When running sweepstakes, like Ryan’s, it’s important to offer a prize that aligns with what your fans and potential fans are interested in. Why do they come to your page so often?

OMG Total Protection is dedicated to providing superior software solutions to it’s customers. Because fans of OMG Total Protection come to their fan page for tech news and because they are fans of OMG’s software, it makes sense to offer a suite of OMG’s most popular protection software.

This, coupled with the easy sign-up built into the Heyo Sweepstakes template, led to 1849 unique views and 705 captured emails. That’s a conversion rate of 38%!

Try it Yourself and Watch Your Conversion Rate Soar

Be a sweepstakes hero like Ryan; whether it’s your first contest or sweepstakes are old hat by now, Heyo can help you out. You can try out Ryan’s effective conversion rate formula with Heyo’s Sweepstakes template right now.

Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.