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Mary James


September 10, 2013

Having a CAPTCHA is Killing Your Conversion Rate

September 10, 2013 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

It is the duty of every company to make their website user friendly to their clients and viewers. SEO teams play a great role in increasing traffic of your company’s website. However, most of their effort is put to waste, when web developers use CAPTCHA to make your website secure from attacks of spam. CAPTCHA is nothing but complete waste of time for your users. Many users find it extremely hard to navigate through pages that exhibit CAPTCHA options. The following pie chart will shows that as many as 61 percent of internet users get bothered when they come across CAPTCHA.

captcha conversion rates pie graph

How would you feel, when you enter a page and is faced with a question like – “are you human?” The question is itself irritating. Your web developer would always consider CAPTCHA a good option, since it prevents spam from entering your inboxes. However, you cannot deny from the perspective of a business man that CAPTCHA is actually killing your conversion rates. It has been found that conversion rates can be increased by a margin of 3.2 percent when CAPTCHA is removed from your website.

Recently a group of disabled people have revolted against usage of CAPTCHA options on various websites. CAPTCHA is generally composed of jumbled up characters that appear in either wavy or hazy style. People with visual disability find it quite disturbing to make out any meaning from these jumbled up words. According to them, these options are literally causing them to regret upon their visual imparity and feel sorry for their inability to see properly.

captcha conversion rates large eyes
CAPTCHA wants normal People to Have Large Eyes

Recently people even came up with audio CAPTCHA options. However, this alternative is also not very convenient for the common masses. It has been observed that the audio CAPTCHA options sound very noisy. They are very hard to understand and cannot be deciphered in one go. Since the voice module is a generated process, it becomes very hard to distinguish between the words 1 or won.

With Effective anti-spam software system being installed in your processors, you can actually prevent the chance of being attacked by any spam at all.

captcha conversion rates turned off

Blue Color Representing Conversion Rates without CAPTCHA

Have you ever asked yourself – if there is any need of having a CAPTCHA for your website? If not, then start thinking. You cannot expect your viewers to go through CAPTCHA in every single page. This hurts the conversion rate drastically. It has always been noticed that viewers immediately leave a website whenever they come across any sign of CAPTCHA options.

Even if your blog’s content is superb, it won’t get any comments or replies due to the single reason of CAPTCHA. If you really wish to make your website free from spam and at the same time want to get rid of annoying CAPTCHA options, then you will need to read the following options carefully –

1. It is always better to use checkbox, instead of CAPTCHA options. Such a option can be created through the means of JAVA script. Spam bots will never be able to tick the checkboxes, as it can be only viewed from the client’s perspective. If you are in support of using checkboxes, then it is better if you inform your viewers to switch on the java script before filling up the forms.

2. Instead of asking your viewers to type the jumbled words, you can put up simple match questions in front of them, for example 1+1 = ?. Such sums can be solved by anybody and are

3. Setting time limits can be very beneficial for your website. Usually, a human user will take time while filling out forms. However, spam bots do fill up forms in matter of seconds that makes them easy to detect. With time limit options you can filter out humans from spam bots.

You can always discuss with your SEO team to know more about CAPTCHA alternatives. It is better if you get rid of CAPTCHA as soon as possible, as removing them will bring huge profit for your business.

Summary: CAPTCHA Options kill Conversion rates of your website. It is better to kill CAPTCHA than hurting your business by making users feel annoyed.

Mary James


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