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Christina Sullivan


December 16, 2015

How Trind’s Holiday Campaign Converted at Over 30%

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Looking to grow your email list for your business? Running a Facebook contest is a great way to do so, especially when you have an active and engaged audience.

That’s exactly what Trind did leading up to the holidays. Read on to see how they launched a successful social giveaway app.

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Stephanie Nissen


September 25, 2015

The 8 Tools Nissen Media Can’t Run Its Business Without

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You may not know, but Nissen Media is just one person. Me. Steph Nissen. It’s a lot to do for one person managing not only my own social media presence but dozens of profiles for clients in varying industries. But, I’m not overwhelmed. I have a system in place that let’s me get my work done and is still a lot of fun! That’s why I got into this business, it’s just FUN. To streamline my business I’ve tried out lots of different tools on my laptop and on mobile. Even now, I’m trying out new software, tools, and systems to make myself even more efficient.

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September 3, 2015

6 Facebook Photo Contests You Can Copy (and the ONE Thing That Made Them All Work)

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Photo contests are a brilliant way to engage your fans on Facebook and grow your email list. Using Heyo’s photo contest template, it’s never been easier to create beautiful, mobile-optimized photo contests with absolutely NO coding necessary.


Read on to see 6 photo contests you can copy today!


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Brooks Tiffany


March 4, 2015

Announcing the New Heyo and Mad Mimi Integration

We here at Heyo are delighted to announce our new integration with email marketing service, Mad Mimi. Our newest integration brings together two awesome marketing tools that will help your business convert traffic into leads, and leads into sales. Read on to see how lead-generating Heyo campaigns combined with simply lovely email by Mad Mimi can fuel your sales funnel!

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Brooks Tiffany


February 27, 2015

Announcing New Heyo Infusionsoft Integration

February 27, 2015 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Heyo is thrilled to announce its latest integration with email marketing and sales platform, Infusionsoft. This integration links together two potent marketing tools every small business needs to fire up their sales funnel: engaging social campaigns that generate leads and an email marketing service that converts them into paying customers.

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Emily Goodrich


February 25, 2015

Creating Images with Text: Photoshop CC Tutorial

February 25, 2015 | By | 7 Comments">7 Comments

Everything about social contests revolves around high quality images – images speak louder than text. But how do you create a high-quality image with text quickly? A good resource for manipulating images for contests is Photoshop; but Photoshop can be a monster if you’re looking at it for the first time. So, what can you do?

Well, we do have a list of photoshop alternatives and free photo editors, but if you have access to Photoshop, it’s the best tool for the job. In this tutorial I’ll go over some basic tools for Photoshop newbies and how to use them in creating images for your next contest.

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