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Jim Risner


June 9, 2015

Top 3 Ways to Get More Ontraport Contacts with Heyo

June 9, 2015 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

Heyo is thrilled to announce its latest integration with small business CRM platform, Ontraport. This integration links together two potent marketing tools every small business needs to fill up their sales funnel: engaging social campaigns that generate leads and an CRM that helps convert leads into paying customers.

heyo ontraport

 3 Ways to Get More Ontraport Contacts with Heyo

Here’s a quick look at how you can use this integration to grow your business and make your life much easier. The top three ways to leverage Ontraport and Heyo are to:

  • Run a sweepstakes campaign with a signup form offering an an enticing prize.
  • Setup a downloadable eBook or content download landing page.
  • Host a photo contest to engage current fans and build buzz around your brand.

Below we’ll cover the details about how you can run campaigns described above and connect them directly with your Ontraport contacts list. Once you realize the correlation between social campaigns and getting targeted lists you’ll realize why so many savvy marketers are excited for this latest integration.

Heyo campaigns come in a variety of templates (you’ll see a few below), ranging from robust contest templates to mobile responsive landing pages with signup forms. These templates have been optimized to capture email leads and engage your Fans/Followers. Once a user fills out a form and clicks ‘Submit’, we whisk them right over to Ontraport where you’ll be able to sort, manage and contact all the leads that you gathered during the Heyo campaign.

1. Run a Sweepstakes Campaign for your Audience

What better way to engage your audience than by giving away a complimentary product or prize? By far our highest converting template, the Sweepstakes template has helped marketers capture thousands of new email leads and works for businesses on Facebook both big and small. It works well because it’s optimized for mobile and encourages social sharing which helps drive fresh referrals.
heyo sweepstakes

Connect the signup form with your Ontraport account (shown above) to add all leads to your contact list. Add any additional form fields, but note that only name and email will be passed to Ontraport. Be sure to have an automatic ‘Thank You for Entering’ email setup within Ontraport so you’re prepared to nurture your new leads.

2. Offer an eBook or Content Download on a Heyo Landing Page

Content downloads allow you to capture leads without giving much away. Offering content is a ‘soft’ way to introduce a new lead to your brand. Compile any documents, graphics packs, or white papers into an organized file and setup a Heyo landing page to deliver the content. The Download template allows you to sync your form to Ontraport and setup a ‘Thank You Page URL’, which you should use to link directly to your file.

Remember that the contacts that you capture from this type of Heyo campaign can be highly targeted, depending on your offer. More often than not we see leads come through this landing page as higher quality and more engaged in your brand.

As marketers, we always struggle for quantity vs. quality. Test both and see what works for your audience!

3. Host a Facebook Photo Contest on your Page

Running a photo contest is a powerful way to get your followers invested in your brand. It says a lot about your audience if they are willing to go through the effort to take and upload a photograph related to your brand. Make sure the gift is sweet and your results will be even sweeter: entrants sharing the contest with their friends to encourage them to vote.

Entrants upload their photos via Instagram, Facebook, or Desktop and enter their email address in the signup form. If you connect to Ontraport, those emails all go to your contact list.
facebook photo contestWith Heyo you can actually run a video contest as well. These preform well if you keep the maximum time to a minimum: the shorter the video, the lower the barrier to entry.

Your Turn

The synergy between Heyo and Ontraport is a marketing force to be reckoned with. Understanding how campaigns and landing pages fuel your sales funnel is the first step to becoming an efficient small business marketer.

Ready to take the reigns and start running campaigns your self? Click here to sign up for Heyo and connect your signup forms to Ontraport.