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Lauren Wilson


February 5, 2015

How Nissen Media Doubled Their Email List In 5 Days

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Not having as much success as you’d hoped with campaigns from other providers? If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to gain email leads and give your social media strategy a boost, read on to find out how Stephanie of Nissen Media doubled her email list in just 5 days using Heyo!

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Meet Stephanie Nissen, owner of Nissen Media, a social media and marketing consulting firm. Stephanie does social media management, email marketing management, social media coaching and training, speaks at local events, blogging, content development, graphic design, some web design. She says her bread and butter are small businesses, the local Mom and Pop shop, independent contractors and solopreneurs, and really anyone who wants to learn social media.

When Stephanie attended a webinar with Heyo’s CEO, Nathan, and The Instagram Expert Sue B. Zimmerman, she saw Nathan set up a Heyo campaign live. She immediately went to build her own social giveaway app with a few different goals in mind:

  1. She wanted to try out Heyo’s functionality
  2. See how her current audience would respond to such a different kind of campaign.
  3. Attract new people to her mailing list whose friends were already connected with her on Facebook.

The Contest

Stephanie used the Sweepstakes template to create her giveaway. Simplicity was key here, the fans just needed to enter their email address to be officially entered in the contest. She made sure to consider her target audience when choosing a prize; in the copy of her contest, she says:

“If you’re like Nissen Media, you’re surgically attached to your iPhone. But that also means the battery drains – FAST! This Jackery mini iPhone charger gives you 10 extra hours of life or 1 full charge.”

This text is great because it connects Stephanie with her audience by bringing to attention something that they have in common (using their phone). She chose a prize that has great appeal overall but was specific with targeting, that way she didn’t receive thousands of entries from people who would unsubscribe the next day.

Stephanie said watching Nathan set up a contest in the webinar was extremely helpful, but is sure that she would have been able to set up a contest without any help.

“It’s user-friendly and there’s no coding involved, which is a huge plus for me – and I have a degree in Web Development!”


Stephanie knows that promoting a campaign is a crucial part of it’s success. She used the Smart URL that Heyo gives upon publishing to create a link share post on her timeline. Since Heyo campaigns publish to apps on Facebook, it’s very important to post in order to direct fans to the campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.45.36 AM

Along with promoting with the Smart URL on Facebook, she posted across her social media accounts, specifically Instagram and Twitter. By doing this, it gives any fans that may have missed the post about the contest on Facebook a chance to enter. She says that the fan who ended up winning found the contest through Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.45.05 AM


Stephanie’s campaign helped her to double her email list in less than one week! It was also wildly successful with her audience. Having a personal connection with her audience is extremely important to her and really worked for the campaign. She was amazed with the results that she got from running a 5-day Heyo contest, compared to the 30-day contests she’d tried with other programs.

“I have tried out different marketing initiatives for myself and my clients using a different online program. Heyo smashed these campaigns out of the park!”

The reason she credits so much to Heyo is our “dedicated support, and extensive tips on how to make campaigns better.” Stephanie is planning more campaigns in the future. She’s already got one planned for February, where she’ll give away a hardback copy of Kim Garst’s new book “Will the Real You Please Stand Up?”

Try it out!

Interested in seeing how you can use Heyo to build up your email list like Stephanie did? Click here to start your free trial with Heyo! No credit card required, just enter your name, email, and password to get started creating awesome contests.



Lauren Wilson is a Technical Writer and Customer Engagement Specialist at Heyo. She graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2014 with a degree in English/Professional Writing and Creative Writing.