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Social Media Marketing for Business

Emily Goodrich


April 25, 2014

How an Optometry Service Converted at 50% with Heyo

April 25, 2014 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Looking for a way to drum up engagement on your Facebook fan page for your service-oriented business?

Meet Heyo customer Dianne Smith. She is an Office Manager at Family Eye Center, an optometry practice in Troy, AL.  She wanted to find a new way to promote the practice, and wanted to increase engagement with their Facebook page.

“Heyo has everything you need to make a successful promotion.  We utilized the contest template and it was so easy! I love the easy way to “drag and drop” pictures, logos, and widgets into the promotion.  The final product has that professional look without the professional cost.  We were thrilled with the increase in our likes, the increased conversations on our page and the buzz it created for our sunglass show.”

How Family Eye Center Rocked Their Vera Bradley Campaign

Not only did Dianne create a campaign that had an email conversion rate of 50% and generate engagement on the Family Eye Center fan page, but she encouraged fans to visit their physical location, as well. But how did she do it?

For starters, Family Eye Center has a sale on sunglasses every year around April. This gave Dianne the perfect excuse to run a contest, with a prize relevant to their optometry practice.

Using Heyo’s Contest template, Dianne created a couple of contests for free sunglasses to stir up excitement for their sale.

Increase Engagement_campaign_snapshot1

As we’ve said here before, the prize is the thing. For service companies, like Family Eye Center, it’s especially important to pick a relevant prize that will encourage fans to enter and share the contest. Problem is, how do you offer a prize that is targeted at your audience without offering your service?

Dianne figured out how to, and it worked perfectly. The key was in Family Eye Center’s sunglasses sale. Since that was what she wanted to promote, along with the practice itself, it made sense to offer a brand-name pair of sunglasses as a prize.


Dianne prominently featured this prize on the Contest template with a beautiful, high quality image featuring the product.

Since her prize was exciting for her fans, it only makes sense to work with organic marketing. With Heyo’s Contest Template, Dianne didn’t need to worry about encouraging fans to like the Family Eye Center page or share the contest, because those steps were built in. The contest countdown that appeared before the entry steps created a sense of urgency, which also encourages engagement.


But what made fans want to engage was the prize. Service businesses often fall into the idea that they should offer their service for free or at a discounted rate as a prize. What if Dianne had offered a free eye exam?

The simple answer is that this contest would not have been nearly as successful. A free eye exam is not very exciting compared to free, brand-name sunglasses.

How You Can Emulate Dianne’s Success

Creating a campaign like this using Heyo is a breeze. Just click here and put in your name, email, and create a new password to use the Contest template like Dianne did. Then, plan out your prize with your fans in mind to increase engagement; what will get them excited about your business? Once you’ve picked a prize, customize your campaign and you’ll be running a successful contest of your own in no time!

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Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.