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Lauren Wilson


October 14, 2014

How Goorin Brothers Converted at 78% with a Custom Heyo Campaign

October 14, 2014 | By | 4 Comments">4 Comments

Do you have a specific look in mind for your contest? If you’re looking for an easy-to-create contest that you can create with a focus on its design, look no further. With Heyo’s Drag and Drop Template, you’re free to make your own changes and customize as you please.

Meet Summer Lambert, the Social Media Specialist at Goorin Brothers hat making company. Read on to learn how Summer created her own custom Heyo campaign, promoted it, and got a 78% conversion rate!

Custom Heyo Campaign

Creating a Custom Heyo Campaign

Goorin Brothers is a San Francisco-based hat making company that prides themselves on sticking to their traditional roots by creating artful, hand crafted hats, and treating every customer like a friend. Cassell Goorin founded the business in 1895 when he started selling his custom, handmade hats from a cart on the streets of Pittsburgh. Over the years, he passed on his art to his two sons, Ted and Alfred. When they took over the business from their father, Goorin Brothers hat company was born.  Through the years, they’ve kept the company in the family by passing it down through four generations.

Since then, the business has grown to open 32 shops (and counting) across the U.S. and Canada. Their fan base has grown right along with it, with their current Facebook fan count at over 34,000 fans.

Enter Summer Lambert, Goorin Brothers Social Media Specialist.  She only very recently started working with Goorin Brothers, and was curious to see how the fan base would respond to a Sweepstakes. With the holiday season coming up fast, Summer was bound and determined to grow their email list to keep in touch with customers. After a bit of online research, Summer decided to go with Heyo to help her reach her goals.

After doing some research, I chose Heyo due to the ease of use, great pricing, and options it had. I enjoyed the ability to go back and edit as I please and all the freedom with design. I’m excited to see the final result. I’ll definitely keep running contests in the future. I already have a few ideas swimming in my head.

Summer wanted something that she could add the Goorin Brothers flavor to. She needed to be free to play with the design of the sweepstakes, instead of being confined to a certain look. She decided to set up her custom Heyo campaign using a Drag and Drop Template.  She customized it to fit her needs by using a background image, countdown widget, social sharing widgets, and finally, a form widget to collect information from the Goorin Brothers fans.

Summer loved using Heyo because it was easy to use, she could edit as she pleased at any time, and she was free to work with the design. She said that she enjoyed “being able to put widgets over my images, where some platforms makes you put everything below the image.” The grand prize for the contest is a free hat, and a hat named after you. There are five other hats that are being given away as well. She published her campaign on September 22nd, and planned to run it until October 17th.

Custom Heyo Campaign

Promoting a Custom Heyo Campaign

After setting up her contest and publishing it to the Facebook page, Summer used three basic methods of promoting.

Method 1: Organic Facebook Posts

Summer created an attractive post on her timeline on Facebook to start out promoting the contest. She included a different image than the one she used on the actual contest. However, notice that the red circle on the post’s image is the exact same one as the contest image. This serves to tie both images together well. She also included a great description of the contest: what the prize is, the dates, and where to enter. Summer made sure to share the Smart URL to redirect her fans to the contest.


NOTE: Even better than a photo post, is a link share post. With a link share post, your fans can click anywhere on the it and be directed to the contest! Just paste the Smart URL into your status update, and your link share post is born! Below is an example link share post based on our support article that tells you all about how to create link share posts. You can read it here.



Method 2: Facebook Ads

Summer also chose to advertise her promotional post about the contest with $70.  She created the ads to reach people in her target audience that weren’t already fans.  Facebook says that “most online advertising reaches only 38% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 89%.” Summer spent the initial $30 on Heyo, then $70 on advertising for a total of $100. Goorin Brothers hats are priced anywhere from $20 to $150. If only five out of the thousands of people that saw the contest bought the cheapest hat, that pays for her entire campaign!

Method 3: Email Marketing

Lastly, she sent out an email to her email list to boost their engagement with the page. Of the people she sent the email to, 25% were reached, and of those, 23% clicked through to the contest. As I said earlier, Summer was looking to grow her email base for the holidays. So why did she send out an email to the list she already had? It’s a great idea to do this because there are always those on your email list who are not yet fans on Facebook.  They may see your contest, then share it with their followers and fans, and so on.

Pretty simple promotion strategy, right? Within three weeks of being published, the contest has already earned 10,664 impressions and gathered 8,404 emails. For those of you who aren’t great at math (like me!), that’s an amazing conversion rate of 78%!

Try it out!

Are you interested in creating your own custom Heyo campaign like Summer did for the Goorin Brothers? Click here to start your free trial with Heyo! No credit card required, just enter your name, email, and password to get started creating awesome contests.




Lauren Wilson is a Technical Writer and Customer Engagement Specialist at Heyo. She graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2014 with a degree in English/Professional Writing and Creative Writing.