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David A. George


September 24, 2012

7 Case Studies to Help You Begin Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Happy Mobile Monday, everyone!

Just got our hands on the brand new iPhone 5, and we LOVE it!

The navigation has improved, the touch-screen feels nicer (if that’s even possible), and the screen size expansion has our eyes and fingertips glued to the high-res display all day.

This got us thinking…

If people love being on their fancy new smartphones so much, how can we engage them through these mobile marvels to enhance their customer experience?

Welcome to the Mobile State of Mind. Read more to see how easy it can be…

Here are some current 2012 stats to get your mental gears turning…

• 330+ Million users are on Facebook Mobile
• Mobile web users are growing 2x faster than desktop users, and will pass them by 2013
• 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
• 91% of mobile web traffic is socializing, compared to only 79% of desktop traffic

So, how we can actually use this technology for good, rather than as just another spam channel? I’m glad you asked!

It’s all about providing value to the customer – value apart from direct interaction with your product or service.

Here are a few case studies on mobile marketing to help you start thinking about how to apply some techniques to your own mobile marketing strategy:

  1. Big City Burrito Giveaway – Not only did Big City Burrito launch a viral campaign, they are an excellent example of how a brand new start-up restaurant can build an email-marketing list.
  2. TEDxSMU Mobile App – A TEDx event utilized a mobile app to build interest and keep people coming back for more.
  3. 5 Strategies from MyTown, to Disney, to Intel – Innovative marketing strategies to give you good ideas from some industry giants

PS: We also wanted to give you something printable and tangible that can assist your mobile marketing strategy. Edit and print these off and place them around your restaurant, store, studio – you can even put one in your house!

PPS: We also LOVE the Text-to-Like mobile marketing strategy – your customers can do it from right inside your store! Make sure you also use the graphic below to maximize the effectiveness (full-size).

7 case studies to help you begin your mobile marketing strategy

Your turn

How do you plan to use Mobile marketing effectively in the coming years? Tell us in the comments below!



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