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Susan Gilbert


November 13, 2015

Craft Your Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

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Mobile Content

Is your content reaching its full potential?

How would you like to greatly increase your subscribers?

Mobile has taken off in the last few years to become a dominant force for both businesses and customers who are searching for information and making purchases. Even though you might have a great suite of articles on your website, not all of these are reaching this audience unless they are tailored to this very unique platform.

In fact, eMarketer reports that 85.9 billion local mobile searches are most likely to exceed the 84 billion searches on a desktop computer this year. Because smart devices are viewed differently than on a computer it’s important not to miss out on this growing market and adjust your format accordingly.

The beginning of understanding for marketing on mobile is to know your target market and how they are finding information on their smart phones and tablets. This could be through video, blogs, social media, and so on. Your niche plays a big factor in this, and varies depending on the products and services your business offers.

Here are a few steps you can take in order to reach a wider mobile audience with your content:

Stay consistent with your brand image

With the use of mobile design and templates you can easily create a website that matches what people see on a computer in an easy to recognize mobile format. If you are working with a web developer it’s important to stay as close to your branding as possible, and remain consistent on all platforms.

Create mobile-friendly content your audience will love

Once you understand the needs of your target market focus on what works for them first. For example, many audiences love getting information from videos on their smart devices. If your niche is more text-driven, incorporate professional and eye catching images that will capture their attention. Avoid the use of too much text, and keep in mind you will want to immediately grab the reader’s attention with catchy headlines that stand out from the rest.

Increase subscribers with a strong call-to-action

This is one area many miss out on, but it vitally important on mobile content. Create a sign-up form that is optimized just for mobile, and make is as short and simple as possible. Consider a free offer or exclusive information to increase your chances of them signing up for your website.

Content that works well for mobile equals more leads and conversions, especially as we see more companies like Amazon, Google, and more jumping into the smart device arena. With these steps you can increase your chances of growing your list, and reaching an even larger audience, which is double the fun!


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Susan Gilbert


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