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Social Media Marketing for Business

David Rodnitzky


May 17, 2013

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Friends’ Facebook Recommendations Affect Purchasing Decisions

This is a guest post by David Rodnitzky, founder and CEO of PPC Associates, a digital marketing firm based in the Bay Area and downtown Chicago.

Tons of advertisers are using Facebook’s social networking to push their products. We figured we’d give a little demographic breakdown of just how important friends’ Facebook recommendations are to folks making purchasing decisions. Enjoy!

How Do Friend's Recommendations Influence Purchasing?

David Rodnitzky


David Rodnitzky is founder and CEO of PPC Associates, a position he has held since the Company's inception in 2008. He regularly speaks at major SEM conferences and has contributed to many publications, cincluding Venture Captial Journal, CNN Radio, Newsweek, and Ad Age. In his spare time, David enjoys salmon fishing, hiking, spending time with his family, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, not necessarily in that order.

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