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April 8, 2014

How A Bedding Company Got Comfy With Facebook Using a Refer a Friend Campaign

April 8, 2014 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Meet Kelly DiNisco. Kelly is the Digital Marketing Manager at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. She was looking for a way to generate additional engagement on the brand’s Facebook page.

Here’s the thing; Kelly did not want to spend money on advertising. She set out to create a self-sustaining referral campaign to achieve this goal. As a Heyo customer, Kelly had access to professionally designed contest templates to help her do just that.

“The Heyo campaign was easy to set up. The layout was extremely user friendly and the customization options are modern and fun. Even better, the results from our campaign were better than expected and I was thrilled with the amount of email opt-in’s we received. We will definitely be running more campaigns with Heyo.”

How Kelly Generated 2256 Views Without Spending on Ads

In order to create a self-sustaining campaign, Kelly chose to use our Refer a Friend campaign template, available across all plans. Kelly began by customizing the campaign to match the Shabby Chic brand.

Refer a Friend Campaign

Kelly replaced the logo in the upper left-hand logo with Shabby Chic’s logo, simply by clicking on the image and working with Heyo’s widget options. She also made a color scheme based on the custom promotional image featured on this template.

While the contest itself is beautiful, the key to Kelly’s campaign is the referral system. Refer a Friend campaigns are simple: when participants enter, they are automatically given a custom link and added to the leaderboard. This leaderboard is a critical piece to driving additional views and engagement.

Refer a Friend Campaign

To win, entrants use the link to market the campaign to their networks, which drives clicks and engagement back to Shabby Chic. Each time someone enters the contest via a fan’s entrant link, the fan gets points towards winning the contest, and positions are updated on the leaderboard.

Because humans are naturally competitive, showcasing the leaders in a leaderboard encourages everyone else to continue getting their friends to enter the campaign in an effort to win.

Refer a Friend Campaign LeaderboardAdditionally, Kelly included a countdown, which encourages participants to enter the campaign immediately as opposed to waiting. If you want to generate action and engagement, you must create urgency with a countdown widget – we’ve seen this proven across thousands of campaigns. Urgency drives higher conversion rates.

How You Can Copy Kelly’s Genius Refer a Friend Campaign

Creating a campaign like this using Heyo is a breeze. Just click here and put in your name, email, and create a new password to use the Refer a Friend campaign just like Kelly did. You’ll be running a sweet referral campaign in no time.

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