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May 30, 2014

How an Antique Company with 1700 Likes Captured 257 Emails Using a Facebook Contest

May 30, 2014 | By | One Comment">One Comment

Trademark Antiques is a family-run business that was launched in the middle of the economic disaster of 2008 by passionate entrepreneurs.

Based in Lewisburg, PA, the company strives to provide only the highest quality antique and vintage jewelry to customers. They spend a significant amount of time curating Victorian and Art Nouveau era jewelry, along with work from later periods including the Georgian, Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, and Art Deco eras. They have very little time to do much else.

“Each item sold by our store has been carefully selected by our owners for its uniqueness, exceptional workmanship, or storied past.  One of the things we love most about antique and vintage jewelry is that it connects us with our past and invites conversation about a different time and place.”

More conversation about the work these entrepreneurs put their blood, sweat, and tears into is exactly what was needed.

Antique Company Facebook Contest 1

Jessica is the head of social at Trademark Antiques and with 1,700 fans, she was hoping to capture 50-100 emails to drive increased conversation about each unique antique in hopes that it would ultimately lead to a purchase.

She knew she wanted to launch a Facebook contest but had very little time, didn’t know how to code, and wasn’t sure what would convert and what wouldn’t.

That’s when Jessica turned to the Heyo Sweepstakes Template.

Over 7 days, the campaign attracted 557 views and 257 new email leads for Trademark Antiques, a 53% conversion rate.  In addition to capturing 257 new emails, Jessica added 600 additional likes to the page as well.

“Our Heyo campaign exceeded our expectations.  We gained nearly 600 new Facebook fans in the first week, which translated into many new visitors to our on-line store.  We are very excited about the results of our campaign and we’re already planning our next Heyo promotion.”  -Jessica

The success of the Heyo Sweepstakes Template was not a mistake or accident. Keep reading to learn why Jessica had so much success and how you can achieve similar results.

6 Things Every Facebook Contest Needs to Capture Thousands of Emails

1. Strong Incentive: Give away something that is directly aligned with what your potential customers and followers are interested in. In Jessica’s Facebook Contest, the incentive was an antique ring.

2. Brand recognition: By dragging and dropping the Trademark Antique logo into the Heyo Sweepstakes Template, Jessica made sure Trademark Antique’s brand was highly visible. This branding is critical to quickly build trust with potential contest entrants.

3. Countdown widget for urgency: At any point in time a Facebook user could get distracted by a new notification or other social distraction. Jessica was smart to include a countdown in her Facebook Contest to drive the user to take immediate action. This was critical to getting a 50%+ conversion rate.

Pro Tip: Only run your Facebook Contest for 7 days or less (7 days or less on the countdown). If fans see “45 days” left, they’ll leave the contest and may never come back.

Antique Company Facebook Contest 2

4. Easy to follow opt in form: Most folks screw this up. Making sure your email form is highly visible and easy to enter is key. Using Heyo’s Facebook Sweepstakes Template, you can link up the opt in form with ConstantContact, Mailchimp, Aweber, or other email marketing platform to easily manage Facebook Contest opt ins.

Pro Tip: Put them in a drip campaign to build a deep, long lasting relationship!

5. Clear Facebook Contest entry steps: Jessica made it crystal clear how to enter the Facebook Contest. Using the Heyo text widget, she told people that in order to enter they needed to follow steps 1-4 on the left side of the Facebook Contest. Make sure you make it simple and clear what people need to do to enter your contest, otherwise, they won’t.

6. Smart URL: Heyo automatically created a Smart URL for Jessica so that when Trademark Antique fans saw her update about the Facebook Contest in their Facebook mobile app, they could easily click and enter. You’re likely missing out on at least half of your total potential conversions if you don’t use Heyo to make sure your Facebook Contests also work on mobile devices.

Antique Company Facebook Contest 3

Bonus tip: By asking fans to “like,” “share,” and “tweet” using Heyo’s Sweepstakes Template, you’ll get free traffic to your Facebook Contest from your fans social networks


Leveraging Facebook as a key part of your marketing plan doesn’t have to be a mystery. Following the 6 step system above, you’ll be well positioned to capture new fans and new emails just like Trademark Antique. Click here to launch your next Facebook Contest using the Sweepstakes.



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