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February 29, 2012

30 Second Round-up: New Facebook Changes

February 29, 2012 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

So an onslaught of changes from Facebook today.

I want to encourage you to step away from the edge. It will be ok.


Here is everything you need to know in 30 seconds…

1. Timeline Apps

Fan page tabs are now timeline applications. Change the thumbnail photos on each app by uploading your own 111 px by 74 px image. Do this by clicking the drop down to the right of the 3 displayed apps, then hover over the app you want to change and click the pencil that appears in the upper right corner. Then click edit settings. From here you can change the tab thumbnail, name, or position.

2. Cover Photo

Cover photos can be 850px by 315px. Be sure to stay away from using direct call to actions. Focus on using this space to show the experience your brand creates.

3. Admin Panel

Facebook now shows you, on the admin panel, who the last 500 people are that liked your page. Try reaching out to new folks who liked your page to see how they found you.

Additionally, fans can now message the fan pages directly. Be sure to engage here and even encourage users to message you with something like : “Message us a tutorial, and we’ll send you a coupon”.

Be sure to check out the activity log under the manage drop down in the admin panel to manage all the stories your fan page has created.

4. Pin/Higlight

These are both new features. You can either pin or highlight stories on your wall. To highlight either a page update or a fan update, click the “star” in the upper right of the story. This will make the story a full 810px wide. You’re essentially assigning extra real estate to that particular story.

Pinning allows you to make fan page stories sticky. To pin a story, click the dropdown in the upper right of the update and click “pin”. Pinning a story will make it stick to the top of your timeline for up to 7 days. At 7 days, you must pin something new.

Get Traffic

Text to fan trick (Text “fan lujure” to the number 32665) and the public search trick.

Capture Emails

Use our html app to drag and drop in Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, Mailchimp, or any other email marketing services html embed code. This will allow you to collect emails right off your fan page.

7 ways to capture insane amounts of emails using Facebook.

Generate ROI

Use lujure to drag and drop in your ecommerce site, amazon, ebay, etsy, or any site you’d like. Do this with our iframe app. You can also monetize your fan page using our paypal button.

Keep reading for additional information…

1. Timeline for Fan Pages

Facebook’s Mike Hoefflinger shares: “Richest, most remarkable marketing canvas we’ve ever built. Everything you do on Facebook has to start on your page.”

Timeline is the launchpad for your stories. In the past, we’ve called stories updates. Facebook announced today a new story type called Offers. Offers allow you to get your promotions in front of users. It takes one simple click to claim and to share.

Additionally, people can now message pages directly. This backs Facebook effort of humanizing the brand experience consumers go through.

Facebook shared interesting statistics regarding reach of fan page stories: “Facebook users see about 16% of the things going on in their Facebook life.” So, when you publish from your page, you reach about 16% of your fans. If you want to reach as high as 75% of your fans, keep reading.

2. Reach Generator: Make sure your fans see your stories

Will help stories get featured on homepage. Allow you to reach 75% of your fans on a monthly basis. They will be 2x as valueable is well and will create little stories on top of stories.

Fans are twice as valuable as viewers from a purchase decision standpoint. Ben and Jerry’s able to increase ROI by 3x.

Two things to remember: understand what content is engaging and

3. New Facebook Ads: The most impactful way to distribute content on Facebook

3x ROI of stories that are featured in right side of Facebook. When you are telling stories, increase engagement means you can promote in peoples newsfeed.

In the newsfeed, you’ll see a 5-10x click through rate with promoted newsfeed stories. These premium stories will show up on mobile as well.

1 story, 1 creative and you get distributed in right hand side, newsfeed, mobile, and log out experience. Log out ad coming in April.

It’ll certainly be interesting to watch the mobile roll out!

What do you have to say?

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