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David George


October 31, 2012

New Facebook Timeline Changes …Again!

October 31, 2012 | By | 6 Comments">6 Comments

Facebook is at it again!

They’re switching up our Facebook Timeline to test out some new features.

Last time they did this, though, it threw a lot of users for a loop.

Read more to find out what they are and if you will get these new Facebook Timeline changes…

Facebook Timeline changes … again?

The developers are doing some rearranging to the new Facebook Timeline that some people are just becoming accustomed to.

BUT, this may prove as a good move on Facebook’s part as they are making efforts to streamline the way we navigate friends’ Timelines.

The regular Facebook Timeline looked a lot like a regular timeline – posts and photos showing up on either side of the line running down the middle of the screen.

Now, Facebook is experimenting with moving all posts to the left side of the Timeline, while the boxes that highlight your Recent Activity and Friends are still found on the right.

Facebook Timeline changes

photo credit: Inside Facebook

Regarding this change, a Facebook spokeswoman told CNET,

“This is a new design Facebook is testing … to make navigating timeline even easier.”

Now, the line running down the middle is gone (so can it really be called a ‘Timeline’ anymore?), which keeps users from having to switch back and forth between the columns to read posts. Since they kept that bar of dates in the upper right, I guess I might let it slide 😉

Okay, I see where you’re coming from, Zuck – but it looks like we might be under-utilizing the entire Timeline. When you scroll past the Recent Activity and Friends boxes (which are smaller than before), there just appears to be some grey space. Hmmm…

facebook timeline changes

photo credit: Inside Facebook

Will you get the Facebook Timeline changes?

Most likely, you won’t. Facebook is only releasing this update to “a small percentage of people.”

This is probably good news, since your Timeline won’t be a guinea pig, but these changes could also prove very fruitful!

Oh well, I guess we’ll see what the lucky bunch of beta testers have to say about this one soon!

What do you think – Are these Facebook Timeline changes a good thing?



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