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Dennis Yu


March 24, 2014

Long Live Facebook Sponsored Stories!

March 24, 2014 | By | No Comments">No Comments

They’re going away on April 9th, right?

Sort of. Now, when you create posts, the sponsored stories will be baked right in. You’re just not allowed to create sponsored stories separately. Read More



February 29, 2012

30 Second Round-up: New Facebook Changes

February 29, 2012 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

So an onslaught of changes from Facebook today.

I want to encourage you to step away from the edge. It will be ok.


Here is everything you need to know in 30 seconds…

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February 22, 2012

New Facebook Ads Platform to be Released on February 29th

February 22, 2012 | By | 64 Comments">64 Comments

Facebook will be releasing a new ad platform on February 29th.

Peter Corbett of iStrategyLabs, said the following on

“The company expects the new ads to perform 40 to 80 percent better than its previous product”

Click continue to see the leaked documents for yourself…

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