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Social Media Marketing for Business

David A. George


July 8, 2013

How to use Facebook Hashtags for #Business

Twitter, Vine, Instagram, even Google+ … and now Facebook!

It seems like there’s no such thing as the “pound symbol” anymore – just hashtags… everywhere.

And for good reason.

Hashtags serve a purpose unlike any other: they basically index all of our social media chatter and categorize it for our convenience. A pretty big task, if you ask me!

But why should we really take time to learn about these Hashtags – what’s in it for me??

Great question! But first, we must answer…

Why are Hashtags important?

Facebook business pageAs I mentioned before, Hashtags are a structured way to categorize and index your posts and other content on Facebook. They give context to what you are sharing online.

Also, by affixing a # to the beginning of a word, you instantly make that word clickable, so that whenever someone clicks on the same Hashtag, your content is indexed into that category.

According to Facebook,
“Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in posts on your personal timeline or your Page, and help people find posts about topics they’re interested in.”

All shared content, including text posts, videos, and photos, are displayed on the results page when you click on or search for a particular hashtag. Here’s an example of what you get when you search for or click on #surfing:

facebook hashtags for business

How do Hashtags on Facebook help my business?

Besides making your content relevant to the digital #conversations of your choosing, consider these possible uses…

Promote a contest/campaign

Facebook Hashtags are a very helpful way to get more traffic to a campaign or contest that you are running. By adding hashtags to your posts that mention the contest, people who are browsing that same hashtag are more likely to see your contest and engage with it.

Also, urging your Facebook Fans to take pics and upload them with a Hashtag is a sure-fire way to generate more images, engagement, and buzz for your Facebook presence.

Promote a new product

This is a great way to gain exposure for a new product line that you are launching, or a new collection that you are offering.

Since we know that the average user spends about $85 on Facebook, and the average cost to acquire a new fan is $1.07, the benefit of putting your brand on more screens is a no-brainer.

Use Facebook Hashtags so that when people are searching for things you offer, like #sundresses #wetsuits and #boots, they will know where to go to buy.

Maximize your social SEO

By using hashtags appropriate to every aspect of your business, you can attract eyeballs (leads) from all corners of the social network.

For example, if you own a garden shop, you do much more than sell Scarlet Begonias. You also sell #fertilizer, #lawn and #garden supplies, you also might have #grills, #birdseed, or offer services like #landscaping.

People are searching for these things on a daily basis, so make sure you are covering your bases when posting content with hashtags.

BUT don’t be that annoying little teenie-bopper who puts 12 hashtags in every post she makes! That’s a great way to lose fans, or — the horror — be hidden from people’s Newsfeeds!

Targeted Advertising

By knowing what is trending on Facebook, you can make educated targeting strategies for your next campaign.

Does your product or service somehow tie into a current event? Imagine how targeting a “vocal” audience on Facebook can add to your brands’ virality online as they post updates with the same Hashtags.


One of the most oft-overlooked features of social media is the ability to listen to what the crowd is saying – the groundswell.

Listen to what people are experiencing. Listen to what people’s needs are. And especially, listen to what people are saying about your own brand.

In conclusion

Always remember that when used correctly, Hashtags on Facebook are very beneficial. But when used incorrectly, they are just noise.

Also, when combining words in a Facebook Hashtag, consider using CamelCase. It makes your Hashtag 100x easier to read. For example: #thisisnotthateasytoread vs. #NowThisIsMuchEasierToRead

Your turn

Have you used any Facebook Hashtags yet? What are your initial thoughts? Share with me in the comments below!



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