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David George


May 31, 2012

2 Free Facebook Tools Your Business Needs

May 31, 2012 | By | 6 Comments">6 Comments

Look-out Hootsuite! 

Facebook has given every fan page administrator the ability to schedule their own posts. 

In addition, you can now qualify your fan page administrators through 5 distinct roles.

We all want to protect ourselves from that rogue employee that gets admin status and deletes our fan page if we make them mad, right?

If you want to schedule posts, and protect against rogue employees, click Continue…

Here’s a quick compendium (like that word??) of Facebook’s new presents for us:

1) You now have the remarkable ability to schedule posts with a new feature in Facebook’s share tool

2) You can now specify different roles with explicit permissions for your Page administrators through Facebook’s Admin Roles tool

These are two essential tools to help you execute your social media strategy AND keep your Fan Page relevant and secure. Read on for a quick run-through of what they do and how they do it…

Okay, so what’s the deal with the scheduled Facebook posts?

Have you ever heard of Hootsuite or Tweetdeck?

If so, you are probably aware of their incredible functionality in helping you schedule time-released Tweets and Facebook posts (if not, check out the post on how your small business can be Social Media Savvy). 

Previously, your only option was to rely on third-party apps and services like these in order to strategically time and release Facebook posts to your audience.

Not any more! Now you can do it all from inside Facebook, right from your page’s sharing tool, in fact.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Create a post – text, image, video, link, you get the picture
2) Click on the clock-icon in the bottom left of the sharing tool
3) Specify a future date starting with the year, then month (up to 6 mos. in advance), day, hour, and even minute (in 15-min intervals)!
4) Click the Schedule button, and you’re all set!

free facebook tools

Wasn’t that easy?

If you need more help, there’s a Facebook Help Page that can clear up a lot of questions.

Check out how cool this next feature is – Facebook Admin Roles…

Have you ever been wary to hand out your username and pasword combo to someone managing your social media content?

I don’t blame you! Just because you have someone else creating and posting quality content for your Page doesn’t mean they should have access to search through your account and see messages or any other restricted information on there.

Facebook realized this and provided a solution in the form of Admin Roles. Here’s how it works:

Page Admins can have 5 different roles, each with their own permissions:
– Manager (unrestricted access and default role for admins)

– Content Creator
– Moderator
– Advertiser
– Insights Analyst

free facebook tools Again, Facebook has provided a helpful Page that can clear up most questions regarding Admin Roles.

Your Turn

Will you use the new scheduler and admin roles? Tell me in the comments below.



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