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David George


November 8, 2012

Heyo Update: Duplicate Your Tab in Seconds!

November 8, 2012 | By | 8 Comments">8 Comments

HEYO, folks!

Late last night, Heyo’s incredible dev team pushed an update that tons and tons of users have been asking for – Duplicate Tabs!

Now, in just seconds, you can copy the work you’ve done for one tab, and paste it directly into a brand new one.

Read more to see the step-by-step breakdown on this powerful new feature…

Duplicate tabs are here!

Finally! Everyone’s been asking, if I create one tab in Heyo, how can I copy it into a new one?

It only takes 3 super simple steps:

1) After creating the tab you would like to duplicate, go to the top of the editor and click on the Add to My Saved Themes button.

facebook tabs

2) Make a new tab, and then click on the Themes button in the upper left.

3) Click on the My Saved Themes filter on the left-hand side to choose which saved theme you want to apply.

facebook tabs

And just like that, you have a beautifully duplicated tab! This is saving a lot of people tons of time and energy, so make sure you check it out for yourself.

Google Analytics update

Just wanted to make you all aware of an update we did to the Google Analytics tracking tool.

We added an Update Code button to make it more user-friendly. We also added styling to the example, but this is important: if you don’t enter your UA code like Google wants, the tracking code won’t work. All this means is that, when you enter your UA code, make sure it is in the UA-00000-0 format, as opposed to something like UA000000.

facebook tabs


There you have it folks! We’re working hard to bring more and more updates to you each and every week.

Tell us what you want to see!

We’re here for you, so tell us what updates YOU think we should make in the comments below 🙂


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