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July 19, 2013

Heyo Release Notes 2.0.4 – Saved Templates Return to Social Builder

July 19, 2013 | By | One Comment">One Comment

Saved templates are back, dashboard navigation has been cleaned up and much more. Keep reading for Heyo’s full list of this weeks updates.

All projects: Release 2.0.4 – July 19th, 2013

1098: Make Accordions Default Control be an Open/Close Arrow

Modified all side bar accordions to include up and down arrows by default which are overridden if a control node is present.

1099: Decrease Button Sizes

Made lots of changes to button styling to make them much more consistent and more responsive when clicked. These new stylings also included the resize of the buttons to give users more room to work on smaller screens.

1101: Save & Continue Hoverstate

New styling of buttons includes this new hover state forall primary buttons.

1102: Text Size Changes

Updated the text sizes of buttons and text within whatever bars to be more consistent.

1108: Add Breadcrumb to Title Bar

Heyo release - saved templates

Added breadcrumb to the status bar. Current element is unclickable text that is Heyo orange. Other elements are white and orange on hover that are clickable and navigate to a specific part of the dashboard/editor.

1113: ‘Create a new business’ drop down

Dashboard updated to move the “Add a New Business” row to the top of the list at all times. Lookin’ good.

Heyo Release - Saved templates

1137: App Secret being deleted within editor

Updated Pro Publish to display an App Secret even after the app is initially published. User’s can always copy and paste a new one in place if need be.

1139: Remove “Theme” Style Widgets

The contest widget has been removed. RIP to the Halloween iPad contest, we won’t miss it either.

1159: Change all instances of “Cover Image” to “Main Image”

Changed all references of “Cover Image” in traffic and leads template settings to “Main Image” to avoid any confusion about Facebook Cover Images.

1163: Change default bg color of text editor to white

The text editor background is now white, rather than the same grey as the whatever bar.

1186: Mobile Branding showing on White Label

Fixed issues where some mobile users that have white label will not be getting the Heyo branding on load.

1144: Basic front end check for thumbnail size

Basic size check completed before publishing, saving or going to a previous step. If image is the wrong size, the error message returned is “Tab thumbnail must be 111px by 74px.”

Updated uploading with a reset button and modified the styling to compensate for images of incorrect sizing.

1149: Use uploaded thumbnail on dashboard

Dashboard now uses the Facebook Tab’s thumbnail if available.

1151: Default Apply theme to open

Updated the “Apply Theme” accordion to be open by default; also adjusted
the button size inside the accordion to be smaller.

1152: Do not cancel theme preview on carousel click

Updated theme selector to avoid losing them selection on scroll.

1154: Add error messages into login process

Added error messages for blank fields, unauthorized login, and unauthorized
Facebook login.

1155: Removed settings gear from widget hover

Removed the gear/settings icon from the widget overlay. To edit a widget, click anywhere on it.

Heyo Release - Saved Templates

1174: Preview Step is not working on Mobile

Made the preview pipeline context aware so it know to only do the theme lookup on mobile calls.

1158: Look into bug where dragging widgets do not have a width set

Fixed widget issue in where the width would be 100% instead of auto.

1123: Features for My Saved Themes

Re-implement the exact way themes used to work in Heyo v1

The save/update button lives in an accordion in the editor/themes step between the themes description and the filter list. If a canvas is blank, the ability to “add” will be disabled.

Heyo Release - Saved Templates

1127: Propublish Continued

Switch now opens and closes the Pro Publish accordion correctly.

1128: IN FB editor text widget error

Stability Updates to the INFB Editor. Can move widgets without the settings popup. Styled the top row of buttons and the upload background button.

1188: Website Updates

Basic spelling corrections and link updates

More updates coming next week – have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!