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July 28, 2013

Heyo Release Notes 2.0.5 – New Layout Based Templates + Keyboard Shortcuts

July 28, 2013 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Layout based templates, keyboard shortcuts, theme filters and much more. Keep reading for the full list of this weeks updates.

1097: Add Up and Down Scroll Arrows To Whatever Bar

Add Up and Down Arrows to the top and Bottom of the WhatEver Bar Content for Scrolling

1111: WhatEver Bar headers

The Theme/Design/Edit/Preview Cards steps will no long have a WhateverHeader. The WhateverHeader for widgets will now be the size of the Title, the content from the title will now be in the WhateverHeader and the title will be hidden. Same for selected themes

1180: Registration Popup

After sign up, the User is Prompted to ‘Create A Business and Campaign’ and is dropped directly into the editor.

1150: Create Theme Groups and Filter on Theme section

Theme filters are now in place. Includes updated thumbnails, selectable filters,  and a new set of default themes. Layout Based templates have also been added.

1190: Keyboard Shortcuts

Implemented  Delete/Copy/Paste/Undo keyboard shortcuts.

1193: Do not delete “cancelled” dropped widget

Updated drag-and-drop to not delete when a widget has not been modified before another widget is placed.

1195: Business and Campaign Search

Updated dashboard to include search at the top right. A separate search/filter occurs for businesses and campaigns.

1196: Enter Layout Based Templates

Layout based templates have been added into the themes and default template section.

1183: Mobile Tab Preview

Mobile tabs can now be previewed in the final step of the mobile builder.

1176: Vertical Tab Re-Sizer does not correlate w/ vertical height button

Simple update to match pixel height when done resizing vertical tab height to vertical button height settings.