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Social Media Marketing for Business

Brad Friedman


July 11, 2013

How To Save TIme On Social Media Platforms With Shortcuts

Our friends at Quintly published an incredibly helpful blog post and infographic addressing a concern I hear about almost daily. “I know I need to be active on my social networks, but it takes too darn long. Quintly shares some tips to speed things up.

As many people don’t know, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube allow you to use a number of keyboard shortcuts. With these shortcuts you can move faster and more comfortably through the networks that matter most to you and your business.

For all those who don’t know what a shortcut is: A shortcut is a specific key combination for a command that would otherwise be available only through a menu or an interface. This means a lot of mouse-clicking and it needs some time. Time, that can easily be saved by learning and using shortcuts, especially on social media platforms. Social media shortcuts allow you to get directly to a specific section on those platforms. For example you can get to your messages, photos, friend requests, account settings, or perform a specific commands with just one shortcut and fewer mouse-clicks.

To give you an example: You are on Facebook and you want to read a new message, like a photo and check your timeline. This can be done with three easy social media shortcuts. Or imagine you want to watch a YouTube video in full screen. You don’t have to search for the small icon below the video anymore, just press “F” to get it in full screen instantly.

Become A Pro – Use Social Media Shortcuts

You might need some time to get used to the social media shortcuts shared in the following Infographic – but you’ll find it’s worth the effort.

Social Media Platforms

This post was originally published on the The Fried Side Blog. Reprinted with permission.




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