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David George


October 17, 2012

The Playground Is Open: Google Creates Own Event, Spiting Windows Phone 8 Launch

October 17, 2012 | By | 5 Comments">5 Comments

Sorry Bill Gates, Google isn’t going to let you get away with that Windows Phone 8 launch…

How’s that you ask?

Oh yeah – the day you planned your flagship phone release in San Francisco on Oct. 29, Google has decided to have their own event in NYC, with the message, The Playground Is Open.

Yes, Google seriously did that. And it might involve their own flagship phone. Read more to find out what this all-out battle is really about…


windows phone 8

The Playground Is Open – Google goes to battle

This is a picture-perfect representation of the all-out struggle in the mobile industry right now to retain market-share and control of the thriving industry.

This seems to be an effort on Google’s part solely to combat the Windows Phone 8 release. Google will be making an announcement on the launch of their own flagship phone, the new Nexus – or does the “playground” reference speak to the Google Play Store?

According to an article on Techcrunch,

“Google just sent out invites for an October 29th Android event in NYC. The festivities start at 10:00 and the event will also be live streamed on youtube, seemingly indicating this is a big announcement. The invite sheds little light on the subject matter, but that’s the date long-rumored for the launch of the next Nexus device.”

Google is being pretty mysterious on the details of this event, but their intent is clear – don’t mess with the Mobile Master.

What do you think?

Is the Google event in New York City on October 29th a blatant attempt to combat Windows Phone 8 launch in San Francisco?



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