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Jim Risner


April 4, 2013

BREAKING: Zuckerberg Reveals HTC First Phone with Facebook Home for OS

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The swirling rumors about a “Facebook Phone” have finally come to fruition. Facebook unveiled an impressive mobile product line complete with Facebook ‘Home’ the UI/OS for HTC ‘First’ an AT&T compatible and affordable phone.

We spend our lives sharing and connecting on mobile devices. What would it feel like if phone’s were designed around people and not apps? Facebook asked, and answered that exact question today with the release of Facebook ‘Home’ and HTC First.

Currently, mobile phones are primarily focused on tasks and apps, rather than the people that are the reason you use your phone in the first place. We spend more than three times as much on Facebook, than any other app. Android was designed to support these kinds of integrations. Facebook wants to build an experience of what is going on in your life/around you in your phone.

Facebook Home is a ‘launcher’ not an app or an OS. It’s essentially a layer that works on Android devices to deeply integrate the Facebook integrate into the phone.

HTC first phone with facebook home for OS

 The home screen is the soul of your phone, you look at about 100 times per day. What Facebook aspires to do with ‘Home’ is to provide more value during that brief moment you check your phone.

The moment you turn on your Android phone that has Facebook Home, you see a visually rich cover feed (news feed.) The Android lock screen in addition to the home screen, will always show Facebook stories in the background. No matter which app you open, or task you perform, your news feed will essentially always be in the background.

The goal of Facebook Home is to feel like part of the system software and NOT just another app you run. Facebook wants to build the best experience for every person on every phone. This will allow them to remain flexible in the market without any hardware to get in the way.

Messaging: Introducing “Chatheads”  – A Way to Manage Conversations with Friends

How do we make messaging a better experience? Facebook will fix this with Chatheads by having the message feature overide all other apps. It won’t matter.

It will show the person’s profile picture and an “unread count.” Tapping on the Chathead will pop you into the conversation. It is a fun and lightweight interaction, which is always accessible. You can drag and position the chat head wherever you want while managing multiple conversations.

HTC first phone with facebook home for OS


How to Launch on Android
Simply click ‘Install’ in the App/Play Store. Home is going to update every month with new features. 
It is currently not available for tablets. Expect major upgrades to the tablet versions.

Introducing HTC -First
HTC – First is the first optimized Facebook mobile. It is not a phone created by Facebook, but it is a new experience that will be coming to HTC’s new phone, the HTC First. It will be available in four colors.

Great opportunity to bring mobile and social close Combines Facebook Home and HTC design.
Available April 12th, $99.99 at AT&T, with a two-year contract.

HTC – Home

HTC first phone with facebook home for OS