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Social Media Marketing for Business

Jim Risner


November 26, 2012

Monetize a Facebook Page in 7 Easy Ways

November 26, 2012 | By | 16 Comments">16 Comments

Small businesses, start-ups and franchises are all monetizing Facebook pages, but you can’t figure out how to do it yourself.

Connecting with your customers is great, but let’s be real, the bottom line with all your marketing efforts is … well, the bottom line.

Facebook itself can’t even figure out how to monetize a Facebook page outside of advertising, but lucky for you, Facebook pages are given a unique opportunity to do it for themselves.

Read more and learn the top 7 ways to do just that…

Monetize a Facebook Page using these 7 easy ways…

Facebook started out as a network to connect college students with one another. Over the years, the social network has worked extensively to shed the image of being ‘started by college students, run by college students’. Lucky for young start-up Serengetee, that was just the market they were looking for.

Serengetee, much like your business probably did, started as an idea. The founders traveled the world post-college, and collected rare fabrics from each of their stops. Their travels and collections not only added to their return luggage costs, but opened their eyes to a world of chaos and turmoil. They knew that they had the power to help.

They began selling plain t-shirts with small amounts of the unique fabrics they had collected as t-shirt pockets. A portion of the proceeds went to a cause of their choice. With an unprecedented and trendy product, they knew they had to capitalize on the opportunity of social media and word of mouth marketing.

Selling products directly from Facebook
how to monetize a facebook page

1. iFrame your website

2. Create a functional individual product page

3. Use tools like Amazon and PayPal widgets to collect sales

4. Pin a status and direct link to the top of your fan page

Have you ever sat in the back of a college class? About 70% of the students in attendance are using Facebook on their Apple device of choice. Trust me – I used to be one of them.

Serengetee knew that their target market was already on Facebook. They also knew how important it was to put their products in an environment where their market was already comfortable.

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Serengetee was already off the ground and selling a few products on their website. Because of this, they didn’t see the need in hiring an expensive web developer to re-create what they already had done, only in Facebook. They wanted the same check-out options made available to be within Facebook. So, when they used Heyo’s iFrame widget to pull their fully live website & products page directly into a Facebook tab, they were ecstatic!

Until they published to see the end product, they did not even realize it could be that simple or fast. It was.

And even if your business doesn’t have a website yet, it’s okay! You can easily drag-and-drop together a remarkable product page yourself by using the Amazon, Product, and Paypal widgets, as well as one of the many beautiful templates available.

how to monetize a facebook pageOnce published to Facebook, they started some social media strategy and sales began to sky-rocket. They did things like using Facebook’s “Pin to Top” feature, with a direct link to their product tab they just made.

This allowed them to post a status, with a buying call to action, and have it appear at the top of their fan page for up to seven days.

The unique fabrics they had collected soon ran out and had to send out “collector’s” so they could keep up with their business in operation. With their new found social media success,  additional marketing opportunities began to arise.

Proven Mobile Marketing tactics that work

how to monetize a facebook page

5. You MUST mobilize your Facebook tabs

By this time, Serengetee had grown into far more than just a cool idea started by college students. It was now a full-fledged business, driving traffic and buzz straight from the world’s largest social network. Their next marketing endeavor pointed to the often dubbed ‘next big thing’ – Mobile Marketing.

Because one third of Facebook users login via a mobile device everyday, they knew capturing the mobile market was not only a good opportunity to increase business, it was crucial if Serengetee wanted to compete in the evolving and fast-paced world of online and in-store retail.

Serengetee knows that Facebook tabs don’t show up on Mobile devices. BUT they also know that Heyo as figured out how to make it happen. So, using Heyo’s Mobile App Creator, they imported their Facebook tabs straight into their own mobile app! Now, they have positioned themselves to capture every bit of digital traffic possible, leaving their competitors in the dust.

Time-Sensitive Deals & Promos

6. Utilize mobile discounts/deals

7. Easily build a beautiful landing page for product-specific promotions

Since the business wanted to engage with their customers while they were shopping in the College Ave store, they ran a deal on v-neck t-shirts for 25% off on Black Friday. For the customer to claim the deal, they set up a QR code that was directly connected to the Heyo Mobile App.

The night before the sale, Serengetee used the Deals widget to customize the coupon, then printed a sign to place on the v-neck kiosk (similar to the one above). The flexibility of the mobile app enabled them to capitalize on the time-sensitivity of the deal by setting it up the night before, and turning it off at closing-time on Friday – all without their customers having to “update” the mobile app through an App Store.

By the end of the day, the kiosk was empty and crew necks were the only products seen for miles.

The Heyo tools gave Serengetee control and flexibility they never believed possible. They had paid thousands of dollars to get their products online, and now they were spreading the word for a fraction of the cost. They already ran a weekly campaign labeled ‘The Headliner Campaign’ in which 1 featured cause + 1 fabric are put on center stage. For each Headliner fabric sold, $10 goes to the cause.

Before Heyo, they had to submit their designs, fabrics, cause, and info to their web developer. After the materials were ready, there was still no guarantee that he would be on-call to set it up at the beginning of each week. So, instead of relying on somebody else, Serengetee took matters into their own hands. They decided to use the Heyo Web Builder to drag and drop a simple landing page and Buy Now button together, highlighting the product of the week.

Through using Heyo, they felt much more comfortable controlling their own weekly special rather than hoping that it would be set-up for them. It was now on them to make it happen.

With Heyo’s Social, Mobile, and Web tools, Serengetee was able to develop a multi-faceted marketing approach that they controlled themselves. Driving sales straight from Facebook is a beautiful thing – just like the t-shirts themselves!