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June 5, 2013

Live Coverage of AllFacebook Conference

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9-9:30am, Morning Keynote: How to Navigate Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed and Still Reach Fans (moderator: Justin Lafferty)

Jordan Viator Slabuagh: Content is huge part of discovery equation. What we do know about the edgerank algorithm is that Facebook will constantly measure demographics, reactions, positive feedback, negative, targeting and narrowcasting are now all part of strategy. Goal is to stop in newsfeedtracks to take an action and create a signal. This perpetual cycle starts with understanding audience.

Jesse Pujji: “Newsfeed is the best reach opportunity on the internet since paid search.”

Jeffrey: When should you look at paid strategy?

Patience: Once you have your goals identified. Lots of opportunities when you pay for promoted posts for segmented. “Grouped” by Paula Adams from Facebook on the way we’re influenced. The more you can target with the individual the more they’ll feel connected and influence. Use something called unpublished paid posts to multi-variet test on Facebook without cluttering up posts. These are called Dark Posts.

Mark Cooper: As you’re publishing posts, think about the analytics you’ll track over the next month. Assign appropriate tags to identify subject matter themes. This focus works very well with companies like MTV, Viacom to help promote the types of promos they do.

Patience: Sometimes most engaging posts don’t drive most revenue. Focusing on and measuring targets is huge and all about understanding KPI’s.

Jordan: We’re smarter as marketers by going into Facebook, understanding what is performing better organically and then putting money behind it.

Jeffrey: How does new, mobile inspired news feed change marketing on Facebook?

Patience: “No right hand rail on mobile.” 30% of FB income is coming from Facebook via revenue report. Keeping experience in the feed is huge and exciting.

Jesse: People are spending on average 14 hours per month on mobile. If you add up all other big platforms, twitter, instagram, etc, Facebook is bigger than all of them combined. Seeing a lot of success with mobile app install ads. Prediction that by end of 2014 right hand rail will not exist.

Mark: UGC is interesting on moible. Seeing 45-50% of participation in campaigns coming from mobile.

Jordan: Sponsored stories large opportunity.

9:30-10:15: Facebook Messaging for Publicity w/ Dennis Yu and Lisa Buyer

Content: 50% percent news, 30% personality, 20% business. Posting after hours (after 5pm or over the weekends) will drive 14.5% higher engagement rate. Less truly is more on Facebook.


– Focus on hyper targeting via dark posts. Tutorial here:

– Don’t boost posts, waste of money due to inability to segment. (according to Dennis Yu)

– Uploading email lists to then market to leads to much cheaper clicks and significantly higher engagement.


10:45-11:15am Building Cross-Platform Viral Entertainment into Your Facebook Campaigns w/ Jong Woo

– Shift in push advertising to opt in advertising a huge shift that’s working on Candy Crush. 40m opt in video views per day via creating moments of magic within the game.

11:15-12:00 Mobile, Social, & Local: Where Search, Influence, and Opportunity Meet

– Mobile should be first about prescence, then intent optimization, then discovery optimization.

– There isn’t another outlet on the social web where you can better target than on Facebook.

– Mobile spend is better for lower spend, higher conversion and is more efficient for the marketer.

– Cost effectiveness way higher in mobile newsfeed versus desktop newsfeed.

12:00-12:45 Social Media for B2B, Getting More out Of Your Content Marketing w/ Jeff Ferguson, Russ Fradin, Kristoffer Nelson, Todd Pasternack, Dilip Venkatachari, Misty Standord

– Creating conversation will generate traffic

– Focus on creating relative content instead of just search engine optimization

– Think less about content creation and more about content distribution

– Arrange KPI’s around your funnel with money being the end goal


1:45-2:30 Case Study by Starwood Hotels

– Key is getting traffic to contests. Just because you build it doesn’t mean it’ll work

– Keeping messaging consistent cross brand (hotels) is important

– Ensure traffic can be captured from both mobile and web

– Understand segmentation of audience based on location to customize campaigns is key

2:30-3:00 Facebook Statistics 101 by Emeric Ernoult

– Total Fan Reach = Paid + Viral + Organic

– Engaged users, if lost, to reengage most use spend/promotions.

– Story tellers are the folks who are generating your comments, likes, and shares.

– CTR and clicks (clicks: link clicks, photo views, and video views)

– Negative feedback is people who have hidden posts, all posts, reported you as spam, unlike your page



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