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March 3, 2012

I’m a Lujurian, How Do I Get Timeline App Builder?

March 3, 2012 | By | 6 Comments">6 Comments

Bigger is better as they say. If you agree, you’ve probably upgraded your Fan Pages to Timeline.

Now your just buzzing trying to figure out how to move your 520px wide designs to 810px wide designs on Timeline.

We’ve made it super simple. That breathe you just took? It’s about as simple as that.

Click the “Click to Continue” button for the 60 second guide…

Now you’re wondering how to add custom Timeline apps for your fan page.

1. Log on to your dashboard at

2. Select the tab you would like to edit and click “edit tab”

3. In the editor, click “Convert to Timeline”

The editor will then widen to the full 810px space. You can now re-arrange or even create a new design at the full width. Be sure to save your tab or click publish if you are ready to make it live!

Many of you have asked if you should cancel your Lujure account because the Timeline App Builder is free. It is free however it has Lujure branding on it and can only be used on one fan page for one tab. What we are offering in our Timeline App Builder is the same thing we are offering in our Free plan on

If you have a consultant or business plan with Lujure, you’ll have unlimited use of the Timeline Builder. Business users will have unlimited use and whitelabel.

Your Turn!

What questions do you have? Enter them in the comments below.



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