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David George


July 1, 2012

Spotlight on Success: Lujurian Jesse Fowler

July 1, 2012 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Want to see what it looks like to be successful with Facebook fan pages?

Introducing, Jesse Fowler – entrepreneur, designer, and marketer.

From a modest gas station/tackle shop in Maine, to designing Facebook fan pages, Jesse knows what it means to be a small business owner.

A love for technology and design brought him to Facebook, and then Lujure; and his business has seen wild success through using Facebook fan pages – including one with over 163,000 Likes!

Join me in a quick, 4-question interview with Jesse where we find out what drives him, his business, and his love for Lujure!

1. First, describe yourself…

From the start, I’ve always had in interest in technology and trends as they affected our lives. I was looking to continue my education in web design after high school, but my plans shifted when a business opportunity presented itself.

I proceeded to own a gas station/bait and tackle shop at a beautiful beach in Maine. From that point forward, I knew that dealing with small businesses was right for me.

I have taken my love for web design and social media, along with my entrepreneurial spirit, and started my own business – OSC Web Design.

2. In 30-seconds or less, tell us what you do…

Within this business, we work with companies that are just starting out, or sometimes have no web presence at all. We help them develop and learn how to incorporate and make full use of an online avenue to reach their current and potential customers.

3. What is your favorite thing about Lujure?

Being in this business, there is a wide variety of applications to choose from.

Without a doubt, Lujure has helped us stay on top of the growing Facebook popularity. It used to be that everyone needed a website – now everyone needs a Facebook page!

The trends have shifted and clients see the potential that custom tabs have to not only reach their customers online, but also measure the overall monetization of their fan base. Lujure allows me to quickly add, edit and create custom tabs for clients and really give them the edge above their competition.

4. How do you use Lujure to help your business/What successes has your business seen since using Lujure?

The success of our tab production relies heavily on Lujure, and has even allowed a new business opportunity to present itself. At the time of this blog going live, we are also launching a new business, ThoughtJet Media.  

Thoughtjet, Inc. is the parent company, and is involved in tech projects and development.  Their most popular project to date is Facecrooks; a blog dedicated to social media privacy, safety and scam-busting issues. The Facecrooks fan page on Facebook also features Lujure tabs and widgets.

ThoughtJet Media will utilize Lujure to bring custom tabs to a mass market throughout the country, as well as overseas. We also developed an online pricing tool for potential clients. This tool allows you to price out tabs right on Facebook before signing up for anything!

I strongly encourage all readers to catch up on the latest news, view tutorials and contact me directly for help by Liking OSC Web Design.

As a thank you to Lujure and their readers, we are giving away a free tab on our ThoughtJet page, so become a fan and enter to win!

5. As a final note to readers, what is the bottom line when it comes to using Lujure?

Lujure helps bring small business to market quickly, efficiently and professionally. Stick with Lujure to get the leading edge on your competition.

Well there you have it, folks – an incredible success story from one of our very own Lujurians! From impeccable design to true functionality, Lujure is there every step of the way, making it easier for you.

Readers: What do you think about it? Could creating remarkable fan pages on Facebook truly help a business succeed?

Do you want to be featured in Lujure’s Spotlight on Success? Send your name and Fan Page URL to, and I would love to talk with you!



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