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David A. George


January 14, 2013

How To Master Mobile Marketing in the URL Economy

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With over 1/3 of Facebook’s entire social network logging into Facebook Mobile each day, every business that isn’t on mobile needs to be.

And businesses that are on Mobile now are asking, What can I do to increase mobile app traffic?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking this question, read more to see exactly how you can do it, with a little thing called the URL Economy…

Mobile apps built in HTML 5 are web apps, meaning they live at their own unique URL that looks something like this:

You’re probably thinking “I’ve got this awesome Mobile App, but how in the heck do my customers get their hands on this thing?”

Strategic SM Locations to Increase Mobile App Traffic

how to master mobile marketing in the URL economy

Put your Mobile App URL in front of your customers by strategically placing it within the prime real estate your social media platforms provide.

Steal Facebook’s thunder by putting your mobile app URL in the About section on Facebook.

Notice how the About section is at the top of the Facebook Page on mobile and can act as a billboard for your new mobile app.

Put the URL in your Twitter bio along with a call-to-action to drive mobile Twitter viewers straight to your mobile app. The more exposure for this URL, the more traffic.

Here’s an example of how we at Heyo used this strategy to drive traffic to our webpage featuring our Cyber Monday deals:

increase mobile app traffic

QR Code and in-store signage

Translating reality to the online world can be tough. Build the bridge by putting your Mobile App URL behind a QR code so users can grab your app on the go. Use a service like to design a QR code that is directly attached to your Heyo App URL.

You can now put that QR code on signs within your store or office, calling action to go to the Mobile App to grab a coupon, get more business information or sign-up for a weekly discount. If you would like help doing any of these things on your mobile app, let us know and we can help.

how to master mobile marketing in the url economy

Facebook offers free printable signs that are a good starting point for design inspiration.

Here’s an example of how a Greek restaurant used this strategy to sell more bottles of wine on Wednesday nights:

Tip: Be sure to add the actual URL, not just the QR code in case users don’t have a scanner and want to access the content within the mobile app.

Pin Post to Top

mastering mobile marketing in the URL economy

Another way to increase visibility, awareness, and interaction with your mobile app is to create an engaging status with the direct URL to the mobile app URL attached. Pin the post to the top of your Facebook Page for week long visibility.

Pinned posts will stay at the top of your wall for 7  days.

Here’s an example of how a clean-up company ran a special for free consultations to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy:

how to master mobile marketing in the url economy

Your Turn

What strategies have you used to market your mobile apps? Did they work? Share with us in the comments below!



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