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Jim Risner


October 6, 2011

8 Incredibly Simple Ways Your Fan Page Can Get More Comments on Facebook

October 6, 2011 | By | 68 Comments">68 Comments

“If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.”

We’ve all struck out with a cheesy pick up line. Breaking the ice can be tough.

Read more to learn how to master engagement and turn your neglected Fan Page into a relationship marketing poster-child with these 8 sure-fire updates…

How your page can get more comments on Facebook right now:

Building a business-to-consumer relationship is vital to the success of your Facebook Fan Page.  Your approach to engagement should be genuine and transparent, but most importantly – simple.

Give your fans the tools they need to be the talkers and all you’ll have to do is respond to get the conversation started. The easiest way to break the ice is by asking  short questions with a closed-response (avoid essay prompts). Combine these with valuable multimedia content and prepare for engagement lift-off.

1. Yes or No: You engage your online community.

No you say? Try asking a simple yes or no question. Getting a yes or no response is just as good as getting a 7 paragraph response. They are both opportunities for you to engage with your community and get feedback.

Facebook Fan Page

Try these on your facebook fan page:

  • Yes or no, are you looking forward to the weekend?
  • Yes or no, are you following the presidential race?
  • Yes or no, are we sharing the right kind of content with you?
  • Yes or no, have you been to our store before?
  • Yes or no, do you have your own website?

2. Get greedy – if you want something, well darn it, ask for it!

Facebook Fan Page; Get more comments

Give these a go on your page:

  • Click “Like” if you wish you were reading right now
  • “Like” this if you read the morning Newspaper
  • Click “Like” if remember your sweet 16
  • Click “Like” if you are looking for [insert niche] consulting help
  • “Like” this if you’ve checked out our new products

3. Play trivia with your fans.

Respond to comments and you will be shocked at what you find out about them. Make ’em dig for answers. Think up some questions not even your employees could answer and make the answers available somewhere on the Facebook Fan Page or website to drive traffic.

Get More Comments on Facebook

Try to customize trivia for your fan page topic. Here are some which should work on any page:

  • How well do you know us? What year did we start doing business?
  • TRIVIA: How many fortune 500 companies have we worked with?
  • How much time do you think it took us to build our fan page?

4.  Fill in the blank updates always blows insights off the charts.

Get More Comments on Facebook

Add these to your arsenal to become armed with every Fan’s unique opinions.

  • If I could be anywhere right now, I would go to ________
  • I enjoy [company name] because _________
  • I need ________ cups of coffee to function in the morning
  • My favorite song is _________ by _________
  • Our company has _______ employees

5.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words. And Facebook  interactions.

Photos are the most “Liked” content on Facebook. Don’t be bland and expose your brand.

facebook fan page

  • Combine a photo with a brief question to get likes and comments for status update synergy.
  • Have a weekly photo contest to get user submissions
  • Photos much larger in the News Feed than they used to be. Steal some News Feed real estate!

6.  Anyone else hate multiple choice tests?

With Facebook Questions, every answer is right! 100% Guaranteed A+ engagement..
facebook fan page
  • Empower Fans by allowing users to add their own options
  • Answer with your Personal Profile account to expand the reach!
  • Ask questions about products, updates and recommendations to gauge user sentiment.

7.  Links are the most shared content on Facebook.

Once you become virtual buddies with your Fans – start catering to their wants and needs. Listen. Pull in blog posts and articles that provide great value to those loyal “Likers”
Get More Comments
  • Use Twitter and Google Blogs to dig for resources relevant to your industry. Prove to your Fans you are human by catering to their wants.

8.  Have fun and relax!

Who doesn’t “Like” something that puts a smile on their face or makes them laugh? No one on my “Close Friends” list.

Get More Comments

You may find that some of these updates are just small talk. They are. That’s how you start every relationship though (even in the non-virtual world), with a cheesy pick up line that sparks the conversation.

As an admin, you get to guide that conversation, so all you really need is a launching pad!

The underlying theme is to just get people talking and facilitate conversation via your open-ended responses. Respond to every comment and ask questions to find out more about your Fans.

The most important element of engagement is the human factor. Don’t be afraid to add your own flavor to spice up your content a little more!

Stay positive, be honest and the rest will come naturally.

Your turn

What kind of updates work best to get more comments?  Let us know in a comment below.

  • Merrin Robinson

    Thanks for this Nathan, just what I needed!

    I find handy tips and tricks get the most engagement from our fans but I will now concentrate on putting some fun small talk into our updates 🙂

    • Nathan

      Thanks for taking the time to read it Merrin! Small talk is so key in getting the initial reactions. What strategies have you used in the past to get engagement?

      I’d love to check out your fan page too. Link us?



      • Merrin Robinson

        Hi Nathan,
        We mainly just share social media related links and tips and tricks, we have a lot of past and present clients that rely on us for updated sm info.
        Our page is
        I have been starting to use Lujure a bit, liking it a lot! It has changed a lot in the last year.
        Keep up the good work with your blogging 🙂

  • Dennis Marshall

    Great article… My fan pages have good amounts of fans but no interaction. I’ll start doing this immediately…. I know this will work

    • Nathan

      Great to see you taking immediate action Dennis! How many fan pages do you run?

  • Sandy

    I think this is the stuff we need. Engaging the fans is really the most important part and Nathan you have hit the nail right on it’s head…Thanks!

    • Alex

      Bingo Sandy! Glad you found this stuff useful. Have you given any of them a shot??

  • Lauren McMullen

    Great ideas Nathan! I just asked the question about the number of social networks on my fanpage. I will let you know about the responce.

    • Alex

      Please do Lauren! Thanks for sweet Tweet 😉

  • Rachel Poling

    Thanks Nathan! I haven’t really started my page all the way, so it’s great to get some ideas before I rush into the fray. 🙂

    • Alex

      Better prepared then I was coming into it Rachel!! Let’s chat about getting you set up 😀

  • Lysa Saavedra

    Great suggestions, Nathan! I really like the idea of using trivia about your company or possibly your industry. I love the engagement ring example, as well. Good job!

    • Alex

      Thanks for the support Lysa! What industry ARE you in?? ;D

  • Cindy

    Thank you Nathan! I have been trying to get a reaction from my Fans but definitely find it very difficult without pushing to much. I love this idea. I am starting a “Countdown to New Years” Sale on my Jewelry and will only run it through my Fan Page and no where else. I just tried a question to get them “liking” and thinking about it. I also posted this on my profile which hopefully in the end takes them to my Fan Page, as I really don’t like to share to my profile on everything I do about my business. I love the engagement ring and can definitely use this idea!! A question? In that particular write-up it says to tag yourself. Would I be smarter to link the picture through my face book pictures or link it to my site? Here is a link to my Fan Pages if interested. Cheers!!!

    • support


      Awesome! I would say smarter to keep it through Facebook pictures as most users don’t like to leave Facebook once they are on it haha. Having it internalized like that will keep it very fluid 🙂


  • Josilaine

    Hey Nathan, I loved the ideas…. but do you think that works for a page with only 20 fans?
    (our business its kind of tricky to get people “like” us…)
    Do you have anything for pages that are starting?

    Thank you! I already like you content!

    • support

      Hey Josilaine,

      They would definitely work! Also, if have you tried getting the admins to use the “Invite friends” friends feature so you can get some more likes?


  • Nate

    Nice post. Is it 27 ways or 8 ways. There are only 8 listed, the URL says “8-incredibly-simple-ways-to-get-engagement” but the headline and email say “27 Status Updates to Get More Comments on Your Fan Page”…

    Something’s not quite congruent

    Let me know, thanks :0)

    • support

      Hey Nate,

      Within the 8 simple ways to get engagement there are 27 examples of status updates you can use to get users more engaged. Does that make sense?

      • angel

        and yet there are only 25 bullet points… what were the other two examples?

  • Maybelle

    Can’t help but agree! This really helps in online marketing via FB!

    • Alex

      You bet it does @Maybelle! How’s the engagement coming along???

  • Daniel

    Very helpful article! I manage multiple fan pages, but the primary page I work with doesn’t get very high engagement. I think these status updates will help a great deal! Sharing this now!

    • Nathan

      Daniel, link us to your page? We’d love to check it out! Cheers

  • Esther

    Can’t wait to start using these great tips on my Pages!
    I have a few pages, with quite a good number of ‘likers’ but nowhere near enough interaction!!

    • Alex

      That’s great to hear Esther! Start engaging! 🙂 Alex

  • Peter Wheaton

    Thanks for the tips Alex, I will be trying a few of these this week. Thanks

    • Alex

      You’ve got it Peter – Come to our Facebook wall – and share how it went 🙂

  • Tia Sparkles

    Nice work! I do all of this and have great engagement on my page. Links might be the most shared for social media and aggregation sites like Mashable, but I can safely say they are not the most shared type of content for the majority of small businesses. Photos are. Going by my experience and that of tons of other small businesses.

    Asking questions is tops for comments for sure. Quotes get heaps of shares too. A good way to know your peeps is to do a geographical poll. “Where do you live” gets loads of responses. I also suggest little rituals like doing a day of appreciation, asking fans to leave their website and fan page links etc on specific days. I do a weekly “Sundayppreciation” and used to do Free coaching on Wednesdays etc.

    🙂 Thanks for sharing & asking! Tia

    • Alex

      Tia – Sounds like you’ve got a ton of great strategies for engagement! Would love to tap your brain a little more – shoot me a message at 🙂

  • Danielle

    These are really great tips. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks!

    • Alex

      Hope they helped Danielle! Have you seen a difference in your insights??

  • Michael

    tried the yes/no question 17 minutes ago. Have two likes ( didn’t answer the question though, that’s funny) and one No. So three engagements in short order. It will be fun to watch what happens, thanks

    • Alex

      It depends on times too Michael – Play around with it and see what your fans respond to most!

  • Ericafpc

    I’m helping a client with their social media strategy and I love all of these ideas to help interact with fans and customers! Thank you…

  • Alan Rackson, Owner

    Great set of tips!! My issue is gettings fans to my Facebook business page in the first place. I’m a business to business service provider and I am beginning to think that Facebook is not the appropriate place for me to build traction but rather LinkedIn. What do you think?


  • Darian Culbert | Halong Bay

    Thank you very much for these helpful tips! I love all of them and will try with our fan page!

  • Alex

    Thanks for the support! Let me know how we can help you along the way 😀 Alex

  • Courtney W

    I share the same sentiment as many others- very little interaction unless I post photos, etc. These are all great ideas & I can’t wait to try some of them on multiple fanpages.


    • Alex

      Pictures often speak louder than words Courtney 😉

      How have some of these tips worked so far?? – Alex

  • Angie Kannada

    This has already helped me immensely! One other things that work for a couple of my clients to help portray the office culture or the upbeat nature of the staff is to post what’s playing on the radio at any particular moment. One of my clients is a dentist that always plays 80’s music throughout the operatories. Patients love it and FB fans love to be reminded of it.

    • Alex

      Ahhh Angie – That is a stellar idea! Have you used Spotify before?? It does that automatically!

      My posts would be primarily 80’s, too 😉 What kind of music would you have??


  • Peter Hollens

    Thanks so much for the tips! Already have a pretty decent had start @ 7,000 fans, but I seem to have much more success with twitter for some reason 11,000. I would love some one on one help if you ever feel the need to help a budding artist.

    20,000 youtube subscribers too! —–>

  • Nathan

    My Name is Nathan too. AMAZING haha

  • Joe

    My company facebook page has over 57K visit and 161 likes, but I have NO fans…..I read the article and am doing what it says, but still no fans. What am i doing wrong?

    Facebook page is

  • George

    i really love reading your blog! it has given me so many great ideas to get our insight numbers higher and to bring more fans to the page. i read your updates religiously, and i try to implement or put into rotation as many as will help or be relevant for a small-market radio station. in fact, the station’s facebook page almost always beats the website’s numbers! thanks for all the great information and tips 🙂

  • Kathy Pop

    Thanks, these are great tips. I have been posting comments on other pages as my page rather than my personal profile which helped lead some people to my pages and has gotten some people to start interacting.

  • Marina Gallagher

    I found with my fans using Facebook Questions seems to put them off. A few may answer but not many.

  • gabi

    post up a hangman board as status update letting people to guess letters ….

  • V’Spirit

    Thank you very much for these helpful tips! I love all of them and will try with our fan page! Thanks!

  • Tod

    Incredibly misleading headline. There are only eight tactics listed. (Claiming the “examples” are also tactics belies a clear misunderstanding of the distinction between examples, tactics, and strategies.)

  • Carlee Duncan

    This is a great article! My fan page gets a lot of likes on our material but its pulling teeth to get a comment. I think this goes back to never ask a close ended question in retail or your customers won’t feel obligated to talk! I will definitely try some of these ideas, we try to link most of our statuses with either a picture or other social media site to try and draw traffic other places, it seems to be working fairly well but we need more comments. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Halong Bay Vietnam | Hoang Thang

    Incredible article. It’s help me improve my Facebook fan page very much.

    • Alex Shamy

      Thanks for reading Halong! What tips do you think are most helpful? Engage + Succeed! Alex

  • Sarah Benson

    This is just great! I have recently been posting more pictures with captions such as “‘Like’ this picture if you think it’s as cute as I do.” And I have been overwhelmed with the responses from those. My fan interaction has increased 30%. I am definitely going to have to try these other tactics as well. Thank you so much for all of your hard work 😀

    • David George

      I’m so glad you saw success with this, Sarah. I love your fan page, your designs look fantastic! How long have you been on FB?

  • Will 2 B

    We have over 30k (real) fans on our page – the problem is that most of the fans are from Europe so it is difficult to interact. I am not sure what ‘time frame’ to make the brunt of my posts. I am not sure what will ‘click’ culturally with some fans even though we all have the one main love of music. I have tried it ALL and it seems to me that NOBODY is listening and/or reading. I will get 10 likes by the same few people each time. Should I ‘super serve’ those few? I’ve ran ‘comment to win’ sold out concert ticket contests with almost NO reaction…..what is the deal???? Does ANYONE have some tips, tricks, hacks, and/or ideas?

    • David George

      Hi Will, that sounds very frustrating. You’re directly experiencing the difference between having “fans” vs an “engaged following.” Something small that might help, is to include a call-to-action in all of your posts that tells the reader what to do (e.g. “Share this post if you…”, “Like this post if you agree/disagree”, “Comment YES or NO if…”). Think this might be something that could help?

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  • Trevi Lim

    Thanks for sharing! Will try your strategies to grow my business fan page.

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  • Eric Edward Martinez

    I would say any updates that reflect impactfulness of positivity to better improve someone else’s life is the most commendable from a humility stand point! I thank you for these great tips to boost my own efforts