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October 19, 2011

The 7 Deadly Sins of a Fan Page

October 19, 2011 | By | 20 Comments">20 Comments

I’ll admit it, I’m not perfect but there are a few sins you just can’t commit when it comes to Facebook fan pages. If you’re anything like most Page owners out there, you’re still struggling to pin point why your page isn’t growing by thousands of Likes a day. Ask your self this: Have I committed one of the 7 Deadly Sins?  You’ve probably committed number one the most! Here they are…

1) Not having a Facebook fan gate:

Facebook Fan Page7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page

Not having a fan gate on your fan page is like not having a gate to Buckingham Palace or the Facebook Fan gates are crucial in boosting the amount of “Likes” your page has.  Use the “blurred fan gate” technique by blurring the background image and having White House– anyone could go inside and steal your precious jewels and valuables without having to do anything.

text on top that says something along the lines of “Click ‘Like’ to see the hidden content!” Check out some more innovative fan gate strategies here.

2) Not having custom content (Facebook tab)

Without custom tabs, your page would be plain Jane. Nothing more than your wall, photos and info tab. Where would you post images and videos? Or even embed your brands website into your page?  Take a look at some great examples:

7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page 7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page


3) Not optimizing your photostrip

7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page
7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan PageThe photostrip is the key part to visual branding. Without it, your fans would be limited to your profile picture. By utilizing the photostrip, you are essentially posting your brand on a billboard and contributing to the visual theme of your page.

There are many creative ways to incorporate the photostrip. Get bonus points by making your pop-up images in your photostrip call to actions. Just include a link in the caption of the image! 

4) Not leveraging your Fan Page banner

7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page


Did you know your image can have a max height of 540 pixels and a max width of 180 pixels? Dont just put a measly 100 pixel x 100 pixel image of your company’s icon up. Take advantage of ALL of that space and create a graphic that represents your brand hardcore. Add a few key words and maybe have a fan of the month graphic. Be creative and make sure all aspects of your brand are visually represented in this image. content

5) Blocking comments from users

Make sure your fans feel appreciated and not just one lost in the crowd. Incorporate everyone in your wall posts and updates your brand has to share. If you block a user, they will probably send bad vibes out about your company and it may even go as far as getting negative comments on your fan page. 7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page       Make sure you are connecting with your fans and creating personal relationships with them so that they feel valued. Also, never delete a comment (unless its inappropriate) or ignore a comment from a fan. Remember: Engage! Engage! Engage!

6) Not creating new, engaging content

7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page

Its a simple question: Do you want your fans coming back to your page? If your answer is yes, then you have to constantly update your page with new and exciting things. Post an update every few hours with a yes-or-no question or a click “Like” if comment. Keep your fans updated with your brand and show them that they arent just any fan, but that they are your company’s fan. Add a contest to your page or a “fans only sale” that will keep your fans comin’ back for more!

7) Not using Insights to learn what your audience likes best

What is Insights: Insights is a free service that pulls data in from your fan page and gives you a weekly update on how your page is doing. It will give you information on active users, how many people have “liked” your page, and number of wall posts in a week. Theres nothing like cold, hard numerical data that will show you how your fan page is doing. Have you tried out the new insights yet? What do you think? 7 Deadly Sins of a Facebook Fan Page If you have committed one or more of these sins, don’t freak out. They are very simple fixes and you can bring your fan page to life in just seconds. Before you know it, your will have the most virtuous fan page out there!

Your Turn:

What is the biggest sin anyone can commit on there Facebook fan page? Let us know in the comments below.



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