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February 20, 2011

HOW TO: Set up Photo Strip on Your Fan Page (Template Inside)

February 20, 2011 | By | 49 Comments">49 Comments

In it’s latest round of changes, Facebook has elected to introduce photos to the top of your fan page. While there are numerous opinions regarding the specific change, the opportunities are also endless.

Set up your photostrip NOW:

1. Download our Template
2. Upload your design to your fan page
3. Add captions (links)
4. Publish!

How it works:

After pictures have been uploaded to your fan page, thumbnails of each will show in your top photo bar. Some key things to remember are:
1. The order is random- new image and a new order appear each time the page is refreshed.
2. Only a thumbnail of the picture is shown in the preview

How to Optimize:

1. When user clicks image, give them something more
2. Treat like an advertisement to drive users to a certain “action”
3. Use entire design space to surround the user
4. Great place for product placement, feature highlights, and brand messaging

Did you find this helpful? Post links to fan pages below who are leveraging great looking photo strips! (Yes, you can post yours too.)

  • Kathryn Rose

    I am not seeing how this works. I clicked to download the template but it did not download. I’m just a little confused. Thanks nathan!

    • Nathan Latka

      It should direct you to a picture which you can right click on and save to your computer. Designing in this template will help you develop your “Photo Strip” strategy for your fan page 😀


      • Alex Daniel Cabrera

        I’ve downloaded the template, but am not clear where you place the Thumbnail inside the main 720×720 image. I see that the Thumbnail has to be 534×374, but is it centered?

        • Nathan Latka

          No it’s not centered. Place the thumbnail right where it says- in the grey area. Cheers!

  • Vic

    Very COOL indeed. Thanks for sharing this with us. Her’s how I used it:

    • Nathan Latka

      Great application Vic!

    • Angelo

      I get it now … it was helpful seeing the example! Thanks for sharing … it is really cool what you’ve done with your Facebook page using this brilliant tip from Nathan.

  • Kabayancinemax

    The width of your template 720 px is not applicable for facebook fan page. Facebook template recently change their standard width into 520

    • Nathan Latka

      It’s very applicable. I am not referring to custom tabs. I am referring to the photo strip images pictured in the article. You can have 720px wide pictures uploaded. Thanks!

    • Mitch

      How did you do that with the top photos linking to different pages????

      • Angelo

        Easy. You don’t actually put the links on the photo … Facebook does it automatically for you!!! When you upload/share a photo, you get to describe what is in the photo. Simply, include a link. Facebook puts whatever description you used at the bottom of the photo!

        Visit Vic’s page and you will immediately understand how brilliant this “optimize your photostrip” concept is. Click here (I can’t believe I’m promoting someone else’s page LOL):

        Note that all of the “live” stuff is actually not part of the photo! It is what Facebook automatically does when you share a photo! So it is important to think about how what is on the photo coordinates with the description you used when you shared the photo!

        In the example above, Vic is driving the viewer of the photo to go to his blog. (In theory yo can include a link to wherever yo want the viewer to go … could be another Facebook tab or your website, or it could be nothing). I think this is just BRILLIANT!

  • Rick

    I am finding that it is off centre in the thumbnails.

    • Nathan Latka

      Rick, we’ve tested it and used it on our own fan page. Be sure you are not accidentally changing the size or cropping it. Cheers!

      • Angelo

        Nathan, I don’t think people understand the concept. Let me try to explain it … I’m a great teacher.

        1. The template Nathan shared IS SUPPOSED TO BE OFF CENTER!

        2. Here is how I think about it: Facebook allows people to see photos you post through 5 little windows on the top of your Wall. However, those windows do not show the whole photo (especially if the photo is wide)

        3. By creating the template exactly as shown and placing the thumbnail in exactly the place where he placed it on the template, Nathan is telling you that ONLY THE THUMBNAIL will show in that little window.

        4. By making the thumbnail a marketing flair “like click here to see an amazing offer”, the viewer will click on the thumbnail that is showing through the little window.

        5. When the using clicks on what is showing in the little window, the viewer will then see the ENTIRE photo where you have place a bunch of other stuff that tells them where to go/what to do.

        6. In addition, at the bottom of every photo, Facebook itself places whatever description you first gave the photo (at the time you uploaded it) and allows people to comment on the photo. By placing a live link in the description at the time you uploaded the photo, this link will appear (inside the description) at the bottom of the photo every time someone views the photo … as if you had seamlessly placed the link directly on the photo itself!

        This is simply about a brilliant marketing idea … in this case, leveraging the photo strip – and how Facebook implements it – to help you design photos so that they attract more action from your fans and non-fans (because everyone can go to your Wall whether they are a fan or not!)

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  • Vic

    The template works GREAT. What you need to do is center the thumbnail image horizonally and place it vertically with the same spacing from the top as you have one either side. I hope this helps. We can look at how I used this here:

    • Nathan Latka

      Vic, you didn’t use the template but they still look great!

      • Kassi

        Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inormaftion.

  • Brian Pinski

    Hey Nathan thanks for this template. Awesome stuff!!! Question for you. I have one of my pics int the photostrip pointing to my afiiliate link for the Lujure platform. The question I have is I used the picture you have on the Lujure fanpage of the iframes with the earth behind it, is that ok or do you want me to remove it? Thanks again. Anyone can see my photostrip design here:

    • Nathan Latka

      Brian, none of us can see it. You are in preview mode, be sure to actually upgrade your page so we can see it. Shouldn’t be a problem using the image- would still like to check it out though!

      • Brian Pinski

        Ahh forgot about preview mode. Doh!!! Should be all set Nathan. I upgraded it!!! Love the template for the pics. Very cool looking.

  • Mitch

    im not sure I understand the template. Can someone explain this?

    • Nathan Latka

      Click the template, open in it photo editing software. Put the images together how you like them and upload to FB 😀

      • Randall Cornett

        What do you mean? PUT ALL the images in the template? or 1 by 1? This template is very confusing…

      • Randygener

        Hi Nathan, Would you please explain “Put the images together how you like them”? I opened the template on Photoshop but I honestly do not know what to do next. I thank you! 🙂

  • James Vreeken

    this was driving me nuts… I hate that they made it random now! I wish there were a way to change it to go like regular facebook pages.

  • steve

    How do you upload your template?

    • Anonymous

      Save the file to your computer, put your designs together, then upload as a facebook picture to an album.

  • John Londrigan

    I know I’m being dim but how do I ensure that the SAME five pictures stay as the ones which will appear in the strip and not be replaced as I load fresh photos into albums. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Put the 5 in a separate album and move the album to the top of all other albums in the photo area. Cheers!

      • John Londrigan

        Thanks Nathan, knew it had to be simple but I have Saturdayitis. With Sundayitis I can barely switch on the computer 🙂 Hope you’re well.

  • Will

    BOY HOWDY is this thing great or what! Thank you for doing all this work. Not that I couldn’t have done it but it would take maybe forever!

    • Nathan Latka

      Sure thing Will!

  • Clyde Hays Interface

    I can not get this template to work, I must be doing something wrong, can you give me a little more info on how to do it, maybe a step by step,

    • Nathan Latka

      Clyde, where are you getting stuck? Do you have a photo editing software to change the template for your own needs? -Nathan

  • Clyde Hays Interface

    i think i might have it, it is the location that you tag the photo on, anyone know the sweet spot exactly

    • Nathan Latka

      No, its not the location you tag it. It’s the overall size of the image (again, just use the template). Upload the images in their own album and make sure the album is first on your fan page photos tab.

  • المبتكرون العرب

    I am finding that it is off centre in the thumbnails.

  • Magias

    Hello Nathan!
    I downloaded the template, my canvas size is 720×720 (same as the template) and my image fits within the blue thumbnail section. It overall looks like the sample pic you posted above.
    I upload it to FB but when I see it in my photo strip, the image I want (the one within the blue thumbnail section) is off to the right and some of the larger image area (the left side) appears.

    Did FB change the cropping?
    I even uploaded the template, without editing, and the blue section is still off.

    • support

      Magias, do you mind sending me a link to your Fan Page so i can check it out as well? 🙂


      • Magias

        I took the picture down… Now, since you’re not telling me Facebook changed the size, I assume problem’s on my side. So, a question: When I upload the template, what’s the process of making it appear correctly on my photostrip?
        Can I upload it to any album?
        I tried uploading it to x album and then tagged my fan page on it. Does the place where I tag it counts?
        Hope to hear from you so I can try it again.

        Thanks in advance,

  • Mark C

    Here’s a couple examples of how we’re using the template. This has been great! (just added the 1st one today)

    One thing I discovered as I adapted the template is that Facebook doesn’t like white space inside the frame
    that’s why on the Ben Franklin image I added the blue background – I first loaded it with whitespace around
    the picture and it rendered offset to the right – as soon as I added that blue contrast – BOOM! just right.

    This is a priceless tool my friends!

    • Alex

      Thanks for your support Mark!! Your Fan Pages look stellar! How’d you build them??

      • Mark C

        Sorry for posting twice! Forgot about the first one. So far I’m building them by hand – just using my html editor. Starting to build more and more so I’ll have to switch to a provider pretty soon. Know any good ones? 😉

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  • Harts Ortiz


    This really helped me a lot plus it looks great gives just a nice sense of color and gets people really clicking. Let me know what you think of my photostrip and if there is any other advice you would suggest after looking. thanks

    -Harts Ortiz
    W magazine photographer
    owner of HartBass Company

  • Mark C

    Here are two pages that utilize this amazing platform:

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