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Matt Baglia


March 31, 2015

The Must Have Checklist for Promoting Your Text Marketing List

March 31, 2015 | By | One Comment">One Comment

Text message marketing is a great and immediate communication method, if done correctly. However, with this type of convenience also comes a huge responsibility. If you don’t properly promote your list, you’ll find that your subscribers are completely unqualified.

If they aren’t the best subscribers for YOU, they’ll rarely redeem your offers and quickly opt out. Read on to see the checklist for finding the right people to subscribe to your list.

In Store Marketing Materials

Table Tents for Restaurants

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Most restaurants promote their “text to redeem a free …” offer on table tents. For example, walk into any sports bar and you’ll probably see a table tent that reads “Text 31996 to redeem one FREE single order of wings.” This is pretty standard, but it works. If you’re a restaurant owner, don’t get left behind. Table tents should be your best friend.

Bag Stuffers for Retailers

Screenshot 2015-03-31 08.13.34

Most retailers still take advantage of bag stuffers. They usually clip together special coupons, surveys, etc. and drop them in the bag during checkout. Why not include a glossy card promoting your text marketing list? Take it one step further, and encourage cashiers to mention this offer before dropping it in the bag.

Social Media


Screenshot 2015-03-31 08.13.23 offers a Facebook integration tool, which allows you to send your text message campaigns to Facebook. It can be done with the simple click of a button. When editing the message, change up the language a bit. Don’t give away your offer to social media fans right away, make them text in to redeem it.


Reach out to your followers on Twitter. We always recommend directly targeting certain individuals, instead of sending out one mass, generic tweet. For example, let’s say you own an online prom dress boutique. Do a search on Twitter for “need prom dress.” You’ll see a bunch of qualified tweets pop up. Reply to these users, and send them the link to your site. In your reply, include a special text marketing offer. For example, “Hi Jane! Text PROM to 31996 to get $50 off your dress”.


If you use Instagram, you know it’s heavy on the visual aspect. This social platform was built as an image sharing community. If you consistently send out MMS marketing campaigns, share this same photo on Instagram. Post a picture of a new outfit, or a mouthwatering appetizer, and then in the caption, detail how to redeem the associated offer.

Chatty Staff

Your staff is, and always will be, your best asset. As long as they’re friendly and personable, their recommendations can go a long way. Call a monthly meeting, and brief employees on upcoming text marketing campaigns, as well as incentives they can offer your customers. Asking someone to give away their personal cell number is no easy task. But, if it’s done face to face, with an amount of trust and loyalty, it might be simpler than you think.

Matt Baglia


Matt Baglia is the CEO of, a leader in the SMS marketing industry. They provide businesses and organizations all over the United States with an easy and cost effective platform for sending targeted, opt-in text messages.