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Matt Baglia


March 2, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Text Marketing Campaigns Are Epic Fails

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If you are currently signed up with a text marketing provider, you know how valuable this tactic can be for your business. Not only does it encourage sales and strengthen customer relationships, but at the end of the day, it increases brand loyalty.

You aren’t offering the subscriber anything of value.

At the end of the day, people sign up for your text marketing list because they want to be rewarded. They want exclusive offers and personalized treatment. After all, they are giving you their personal cell number. This isn’t something that people just hand out. If they subscribe to your list, don’t make them regret it. Send out promotions that are exclusive to your text marketing subscribers. Offer hefty deals or exclusive giveaways.

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All you care about is money.

Old school marketing techniques preach sell, sell, sell. If you blast out enough promotions, eventually they will give in and buy, right? Wrong. It’s not always about making one more sale, or increasing your bottom line. Instead of focusing on lofty money goals, think more about strengthening your customer relationships. If you offer them valuable information and personalized offers, they will stay loyal to you and your company.

You’re not being consistent.

You said you’d only send 4 messages a month, but instead you’re sending ten. You send your message at odd hours of the day, and don’t provide your subscribers with any consistency. One week you send a message on Wednesday at 11:59PM, the next week you send a message on Saturday at 9:12 AM. Keep a consistent schedule, so they can expect your messages and look forward to them. If they know when you reach out, they’re more likely to engage.

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Text message marketing is all about quality and consistency. If you aren’t offering something of value, spamming your subscribers, and sending your messages at obnoxious times, your campaigns will fail. You could be reaching out to the most loyal of customers, but if you don’t provide quality and consistency, they too will eventually unsubscribe.

Matt Baglia


Matt Baglia is the CEO of, a leader in the SMS marketing industry. They provide businesses and organizations all over the United States with an easy and cost effective platform for sending targeted, opt-in text messages.