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David A. George


January 28, 2013

[Infographic] Survey: Where is your Small Business headed in 2013?

January 28, 2013 | By | One Comment">One Comment

They say bad news sells.

This may be true, and we may have had a big dose of it recently, but here’s something a little different that you’ll like to hear for your small business in 2013.

Barry Moltz is a leading author, speaker, and influencer in the small business industry. He’s incredibly smart, and has worlds of wisdom for getting stuck business owners unstuck and marching forward (if you’re not following him, you’re out of the loop).

Every year, he sends out an annual small business survey to his clients (incl. Capital One, OfficeMax, Wells Fargo, MIT, and Harvard, to name a few) to test the waters on what they think 2013 will hold.

So here are the results, in bold and beautiful infographic form…

Small Business Owners’ Optimism is on the Rise

(Click on image to enlarge)

Where Your Small Business is headed in 2013

What is your outlook for the upcoming year?

  • 54% of businesses think they will grow at least 10% in 2013
  • the rest worried about the fiscal cliff and its affect on the economy

What is the biggest issue facing your business in 2013?

  • 45% said they need a strategy to get more customers
  • 23% are concerned about the effect of the general economy
  • 16% need more cash to fund their business

What is the one change you will make in the coming year to your business?

  • 33% want to increase their marketing budget and time
  • 22% want to be productive not just busy
  • 17% want to better use technology like social media

Your Turn

Are these guys right on? What do you think the big trends will be in 2013?



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