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Brad Friedman


March 18, 2013

Use Your Smartphone To Run Your Entire Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 18, 2013 | By | One Comment">One Comment

The very creative people at Desk have put together a comprehensive Infographic detailing how one might run a business from a smartphone with thirteen different apps.

We use several of the apps mentioned ourselves but have mixed feels about running one’s entire business from a smartphone.

Obviously, it can be done with the apps listed and probably a few more that some of you are currently using. Personally, I think the idea that this can really be done is pretty cool.

So, grab your smartphone and let’s take a look at these apps


QuickBooks cloud accounting solutions is available for both the iPhone and Android devices. Their website says “1.3 million customers worldwide use QuickBooks Online to take the pain out of managing their finances.” “does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending.” It lets you see where every dime goes so you can make educated money decisions. Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place and allows you to set a budget, track your goals and more.

Office Time

Office Time is an iPhone app built to be easy to use, so you’ll use it. This app works with teams, is 100% guaranteed and comes with a 21 day free trial.


Box is an online filing sharing app allowing you to access, manage and share your content online.


Like Box, Dropbox is another cloud storage service that allows you to store, access and share your businesses’ documents and photos. Dropbox will sync with your computer and smartphone.


Evernote syncs to the cloud allowing your business to share almost anything between any number of devices and users. Evernote is great for taking notes, sharing documents, saved web pages and more. Items can be organized into folders as needed too.

Documents to Go

Documents to Go is an all-in-one app with support for Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint, PDF and other files and attachments. iOS and Android users can download the app that synchronizes with a desktop application.


Skype may be used for free Internet calls, instant messaging and video chat. Many of Skype’s services are free and they have “Pay As You Go” accounts. Skype works on the iPhone and Android devices.


Webex lets you host high-impact webinars and online events right from your smartphone. You may collaborate with colleagues and even share files online. Depending how many people you need to connect with, you can deliver online training and much more with this free app. Paid plans start at $24 per host/month. is billed as “The all-in-one customer support app for small business & teams.” runs on your iPhone, Android devices and any other smartphone that supports an HTML5 browser.

Get Satisaction Mobile

Get Satisfaction Mobile is a “community platform used by companies of all sizes to build customer engagement, acquire more customers, improve customer service and drive product innovation.”

Google Wallet

Google Wallet stores your credit and debit cards on your Android phone. Tap the back of your phone at the point of sale to pay for your product, and you’re off. Of course, not all merchants participate in the program. You may also use Google Wallet for your online purchases.


Square lets your business accept credit cards from a device attached right to your smartphone. There’s a 2.75% fee per swipe and next day deposit to your bank account. Square also introduce its own “Wallet” that operates much like Google wallets when you visit participating merchants.



So, there you have it! Now have a look at this all encompassing Infographic. Then let us know which of these apps you’re currently using and which ones you want to try out.



About the Author » Brad Friedman is a “Recovering Attorney” living in Denver, Colorado. In 2010, Mr. Friedman who authors three blogs of his own, parlayed his passion for technology and his business, legal and marketing savvy into the creation of The Friedman Group, LLC.