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August 24, 2012

Introducing Startup Weekend in Blacksburg

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Ever had an absolutely awesome idea for an invention that could change your community, or even the world?

Or do you go to bed at night dreaming about creating and running your own company one day?

But seriously, even if you’ve ever remotely considered anything like these, then this is for you!

Pay close attention, because one of the most important and exciting events to ever come to Blacksburg is only a few days away…

Introducing Startup Weekend in Blacksburg!

Guaranteed, Startup Weekend in Blacksburg will be one of the most energizing and past-paced events you have ever seen!

On Friday – you pitch your idea for this sweet, new invention and create a team to start collaborating
On Saturday – your team has a plan and starts working right away on your idea
On Sunday – your project is completed and you present the final result to the judges!

Forget all the resume-building and networking opportunities at your fingertips for a sec – your project could go on to actually be implemented for the rest of us to use!

They have tons of goodies

I’m talking about what everyone wishes they had more of:
– Free food
– Prizes
– T-shirts and more!

Sponsors like Microsoft, Amazon, Lujure, Rackspace, and Google

With Startup Weekend Blacksburg’s incredible lineup of top-notch sponsors, take advantage of your massive networking opportunities and get plugged in anywhere in the world, or even right here in Blacksburg!

Networking with CEOs, market managers, developers and other experienced business and product managers will help you gain valuable knowledge from the people who know what it takes to get to the top.

Highly intelligent and experienced speakers will be sharing with you the Do’s and Dont’s of running your own business, as well as what it takes to get your business or idea off the ground.

What you need to know

WHO: Anyone is open to register and pitch an idea

WHERE: Rackspace HQ – 755 University City Blvd (next to the University Mall/Math Empo)

WHEN: September 14th-16th @ 6:30PM

WHY: Network with strategic connections, launch an awesome idea, build your resume… the list goes on!

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For students only

We know what it’s like to have a tight budget, and Ramen Noodles are no source of nutrition.

Because of Startup Weekend’s deep love for students at Virginia Tech, they are supplying you with 7 meals AND offering you a 50% discount on registration!

Sign up today, enter the discount code STUDENT, and you’re good to go.

We are SO excited for this event, we can hardly contain it – and we want you to be there, so sign up now!

Are you as excited for this as we are?

Tell us in the comments below!



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