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Kristen Stack


February 17, 2016

A Formula for Startup Success: 9 Values That Fuel the Top Founders

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Everyone wants to be a business owner. It’s like the new, hot thing. The word “entrepreneur” has been coined as cool. Don’t believe me? Hop over to Google Trends, and see for yourself. This search term alone has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years.

But, here’s the deal. The majority of new startup founders don’t really know what it takes to make it in business. Sure, great ideas might exist. And even more so, they might be supported by a talented group of people. But beyond that, there’s so much more to startup development.

Our team just released this easy to read infographic expanding on the major values that fuel top startup founders.

In addition to the below advice, keep the following tips in mind.

Don’t ignore management tactics.

“There’s not enough time in the day” should never be an excuse. If you find yourself tripping up on these detrimental words, pause and take a moment to strategize. Ask yourself, “Am I really making best use of the time I have?” Chances are, this self evaluation will make room for more opportunity in your schedule.

Knock over corporate ladders.

In fact, all startups should remove the word corporate from their professional vocabulary. Judge your employees based on their performance, not their personality. Hold each individual accountable, and allow room for individual growth. Encourage your employees to learn, grow, and be a catalyst for change.

Finally, build an environment that enhances productivity.

Don’t take yourself too serious. Make some time for fun. Host an office ping pong tournament. Have weekly roundtables to address common concerns. Don’t be afraid to send employees to growth seminars. Embrace the spread of knowledge, as knowledge is power.

Ready to own the startup stratosphere? Check out these nine values that drive the top business founders.


This infographic can originally be found on the Slick Text blog.

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