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December 11, 2010

Introducing our Fan Page App Suite

December 11, 2010 | By | 18 Comments">18 Comments


Use our Youtube app to embed any videos directly on your fan page. The only thing you need is the video url link from the top of your page.

Top 3 strategies for using a youtube video:

1. Visual testimonials are very powerful! Have a fan record your welcome video to your fan page in order to encourage other fans to click “like”.

2. Use it as a tool to get new folks to sign up for your email list. “And don’t forget to put your email in the box below”

3. Launch a contest. Example: If you are a Chef, you could make a video of yourself cooking your favorite holiday food. Then challenge others to upload video responses of them making their favorite dishes to the fan page wall. Pick the winner on Christmas Eve and feature the video in a fan page status update.


The RSS app can be used to pull in your twitter feed or blogger feed. Whats great about this is you can totally custom design the feed into your page. No cover images, or clicks needed. It will render live and will continusouly update live on your page.

Top strategies for using a RSS feed:

1. Start a competition in which fans must post their favorite _____ quotes (insirational, cooking, holiday, etc) on your wall. The best quote will be featured on your twitter profile and thus in your fan page.

2. Insert a “follow me” button near the feed so folks can also follow you on twitter. This way you are intertwining your social networks to create a stronger social web!


The Vpype app allows you to broadcast LIVE shows directly into your tab! How cool!

Top strategies for using Vpype:

1. If you are a realtor in Virginia looking to sell a house and have an interested party in California, drive them to your fan page and give them a live open house.

2. Bars can broadcast their “scene” every night into their tab to encourage other bar goe’rs to attend. This will let potential partyers to see “what’s hot” before they make a bar choice!

Text App, Introducing our new fan page app suite Text

Use the Text app to put any content you’d like on your tab. Choose from all kinds of fonts, sizes, colors and more!

Top strategies for using Text:

1. Keep it simple! No one wants to read hundreds and hundreds of words. Use text as a highlight to anything that isn’t intuitive visually.

2. Set up a few text links: “check out our website”

Slideshow App; Introducing our New Fan Page Suite AppSlideshow

Our Slideshow App allows you to share photobucket slideshows or cooliris flash galleries. These both provide an excellent way to add dynamic content to your tab. The slideshow will automatically update in the fan page as you add more photos to say, your photobucket account.

Top strategies for using Slideshow:

1. If you are a clubhouse, you could leverage the professional and clean look slideshows render to highlight your “sprawling estate” and facilities.

2. If you sell pet food you could challenge viewers to upload images to photobucket with the certain hashtag your slideshow pulls from, of their animals and the healthy food they have been eating. You can then highlight your own recommended foods below the slideshow.

Invite Friends

This is quite possibly the most powerful app as it enables users, when they land on your page, to invite their friends to your page by sending invitations.

Top strategies for using Invite Friends:

1. DO NOT advertise “invite x # of friends to win…” . Rather provide a video above the widget that gives TONS of value. At the end of the video simply say something like: “If you enjoyed this video, your friends probably will too! Invite a few below”


Use our Share app on your page to enable users to quickly and easily share your page with their communities. Choose the URL you want them to share, the description, and even select a thumbnail as well!

Top strategies for using Share

1. Incentivize it. You can track who has shared using the share button by searching “all people” in facebook search and using a search term in your share descritpion.

2. Give value. The easiest way to increase the amount of people sharing your page is to give loads of value away!

3. If you are an author, you could put a week long campaign together which features different share button descriptions consisting of excerpts from your book.


The image app is meant to enable you to drag and of your own custom designs on to the page. You can also make the image clickable if you like.

Top strategies for using Images:

1. Create a social media hide and go seek page. Create several images of which only one clicks through to the “winners page”. Tell folks when they find the winners page to enter their email to collect their free white page.


This app is in beta mode and should only be used for email capture forms at this point. Simply copy and paste your email emebed forms from aweber, constant contact, icontact, getresponse, or mailchimp (and others).

Top strategies for using Email forms:

1. “Exclusive deal”, “White Page”, “Training” are all great ways to get folks to enter their email address.

2. Get creative and tell people “Insert your email address to get a video of me saying what I really think about you”. Then, send the a video stating how much you appreciate your fans!


The Flash app let’s users enter any .swf file they want. A great tool which you can use to create flash objects is Adobe Flash CS3. Simply host the .swf file online and post the link in the app.

Top strategies for using Flash:

1. Create a dynamic portfolio if you are an artist.

2. Assembly a live, interactive menu if you are a restaurant. Letting folks preview your menu could be a great way to drive extra tangible business to your cafe.

Comment Stream

Insert a live comment stream on your page. The app is great because it lets users post directly to the fan page tab. Additionally, when they post, it also posts back to their personal profile thus driving their community back to your fan page.

Top strategies for using Comment Streams:

1. Treat it as a guest book. Encourage new folks to “sign in”.

2. If you are a Speaker, post 3 videos of you speaking and encourage people to “state their favorite video” in the comment stream. This drives more traffic to your page and encourages your community to watch you do what you do best!


This tool is unique in that it is meant for live events. In fact, this was Facebook’s app of choice when they started their live shows.

Top strategies for using Chat:

1. If you are presenting live on stage and can view your phone or a computer, encourage the audience to “post questions” to you live. By getting them to interact on your fan page, you are more likely to keep them in your community.


Our entire App Suite was designed in an effort to empower you with the greatest amount of social potential. By leveraging the apps and some strategies listed here, you spark social velocity on your fan pages. After you set the spark, let the community do the rest.

Which app is your favorite? If you could have the PERFECT app what would it be? Comment below!



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