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Corey Donohue


January 25, 2013

The Beautiful New Google Image Search Function

January 25, 2013 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Introducing the new Google Image Search function

Just recently, we have been introduced to the beautiful, new Google Image Search function. The new update is supposed to be faster, more reliable, and create a better viewing experience for your images.

The old image search function previously just contained a results page with lots of images that you had to click on to increase the size or see the full size image. Now when you click on an image, it appears in a grey/black box with an increased size of your image. On the right, a box appears with the title and three buttons: Visit Page, View Original Image, and Image Details. The domain name is now clickable and directs right to the image’s page.

New Google Image Search Function

(click to see full size)


The overall experience is vastly improved. The redesign allows you to really focus on the image and navigate very easily. It seems that the update is only for Google Chrome so far. We tried to see if the new search function was available on Firefox and Internet Explorer, but neither browser features the new update.

Along with the update, Google has announced offline access to Slides. The Slides services can be accessed in offline mode (no web connection necessary) to create, edit, and comment on presentations. This will only be available in Google Chrome.



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