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Jessica Fritsche


August 10, 2013

[Infographic] Content Layering through the Buying Cycle

So, you want a content marketing strategy that will bring in customers, close the sale, and keep them coming back for more? This infographic gives you content marketing manuel to ensure an excellent conversion rate.

There are several aspects to consider in order to be have an effective content marketing strategy. Dive into the content layers though the buying cycle with this awesome infographic.

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Content Marketing

Content Layering Through the Buying Cycle

1.) Awareness

68% of marketers rate brand awareness as one of the most important organizational goals. A content strategy that brakes in awareness and curiosity about your brand is a recipe for success.

2.) Research

Strong, search friendly product or service related content warms up audience trust and raises visibility throughout the buying cycle.

3.) Options

Buyers want options when making purchasing decisions. Give them a feast with content tailored around their needs, pain points, and questions, demonstrating why your brand is the best choice.

4.) Promotion

Promotional content is the secret ingredient that motivates prospects to slice deeper into the buying cycle when it’s blended with content that targets each buyer persona

5.) Step Backs

Before your buyer makes a decision, they may put that fork dowan and assess potential risks. It is important to build trust at the very beginning of the buying cycle with content that addresses those risks clearly.

6.) Validation

Buyers often went to substantiate what they know about you brand and its benefits. In fact, 70% of website visitors trust the opinions od unknown users when making a purchase decision. Testimonials can be a key factor in customer conversion

7.) Purchase

Propel prospects into purchasers with irresistible content. How do you heklp them take the cake? Provide final proof points, such as white papers, trails, or demonstrations to close the sale.

8.) Evaluation

One taste is not enough if your want to repeat customers. cultivate interest and build trust through in-depth content such as trend reports, training opportunities, case studies, events, and social media interaction.

9.) Status Quo

The icing on top of your layered content is the flavor that keeps consumers returning for more, putting them back into the buying cycle. Your competition want to edge back into the buyer’s awareness, so continually serve up relevant, interesting content.


Are these layers working for you?



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