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Emily Goodrich


February 11, 2015

How The Dedication Company Built their Email Marketing List

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Looking to grow a new email list for your retail business? Running Facebook giveaways and contests are good places to start when looking to grow new email marketing lists, especially when you have an active and engaged audience to promote to.

That’s exactly what The Dedication Company did over the holidays. Meet Rebecca, owner and designer of The Dedication company, a gift and jewelry company out of New England. The Dedication Company is dedicated to providing it’s fans with the perfect gifts, and turning them into the ideal gift giver.


“The line started in 2008 as a personalized jewelry line centered around vintage brass lockets that are all restored by hand to new condition,” said Rebecca. “…In 2015 it will continue to expand when it dips it feet outside of personalized jewelry and becomes a full service gifting line of charming and inspired gifts for the people and moments that are important in your life.”

Rebecca was looking for a way to grow a new email list from her Facebook Fan Page – using the Heyo Sweepstakes Template, and some well placed promotional content, Rebecca’s winter contest gathered 1037 impressions and 465 likes, for a conversion rate of 44%!

The Heyo Sweepstakes and Dedicated Promotion

The Heyo Sweepstakes Template saved Rebecca time and energy, which is especially important to her, as she manages her business, designs jewelry, and manages social media on her own.

I was able to get a professional looking contest going literally in about about an hour.  I didn’t spend a lot of time creating the contest and the payoff of such a large boost in a new audience was well worth it.


All Rebecca had to do was gather her images and copy – the template did the rest. Through the image, email capture, and countdown widgets, Rebecca was able to design a contest with social sharing options built in, which made building an email marketing list a snap.

Rebecca knows her audience – her Facebook fans come to her page for updates on Dedication’s line of jewelry, coupons, and brand announcements. Each fan is a fan of Rebecca’s jewelry and gifts; to stay in line with this, Rebecca chose to offer a year of jewelry to her fans. She picks  prizes as big ‘thank you’s to her fans, and the results show.

Because Rebecca offers prizes from her catalog of custom jewelry, it’s easy for her to promote to her exisiting fans. In previous contests, Rebecca announced her contest to her blog and her Facebook page. This strategy worked incredibly well when combined with the sharing power built into the Sweepstakes Template.

Getting a few people to enter via my own social media channels and from posting on a couple of blogs got the viral wheels spinning.  Because the contest is run on Facebook once people started to enter their friends of friends of friends began entering as well because the contest gets exposure the more it is liked and shared. I was literally gaining entries as the minutes passed.  Not as the days or even hours passed – as the minutes passed.  It was awesome!

Your Turn

Want to run a Facebook sweepstakes and capture emails like Rebecca? Check out Heyo’s Sweepstakes template and start your own sweepstakes like the one in this case study by clicking here! Just put in your name, email, and create a new password to check out templates like this one for free.

Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.