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Emily Goodrich


August 21, 2014

How Heyo Helped a Photography Blog Build an Email List

August 21, 2014 | By | One Comment">One Comment

Meet Heyo customer Scott Voelker, who runs New Portrait Biz with his wife, Lisa. Scott and Lisa owned their own studio for over 10 years, and now run a company dedicated to helping others start their own photography studios. With content ranging from using digital backgrounds and props, to photoshop tutorials, the photography super team aims to help people follow their photography passion.

Scott wanted to build a new email list to promote New Portrait Biz’s tutorials and props store, so he turned to Heyo to help him do just that. He was able to set up the contest quickly, and ended the contest with 1,402 impressions and 406 emails – a conversion rate of 30%!

Cost Effective Prizes and Promotion

When Scott decided to run a contest through Heyo, the first hurdle he had to tackle was picking a prize. Working with the etsy store he and his wife run, Scott decided to offer one of the most popular products on the site – a tub collection – as a prize, along side some digital backgrounds. The hope? That New Portrait Biz would be able to grow an email list of people who want and need digital backdrops and photography props.

The total cost to Scott? About $28.

Once he had his prize, Scott just needed to set up his contest. Heyo’s Sweepstakes template helped Scott create and launch a mobile-ready sweepstakes in no time.

The templates are super easy to customize and it took less than 10 minutes to set up once I had the Prize selected. I’ve tried many different methods to build my email list and [Heyo] performed extremely well.


The Heyo Sweepstakes Template has virality build into the entry form, so Scott didn’t need to design or program his own form. All he had to do was connect the email form to AWeber and connect the Like, Share, and Tweet buttons to his contest, and the Sweepstakes was set to run.

Once Scott hit that nerve wracking Publish button, he turned around and immediately began promoting his contest to his fans. Because he was looking to build an email list, he started with the fans he and Lisa already had on Facebook.


Once a day for the duration of the contest, Scott published a contest update among the content he usually published. He even created a blog post and video, showcasing how to use digital backgrounds and props, featuring the set they were offering as a prize!

This kind of promotion is key to building an email list from scratch. Scott focused on his current audience, rather than a potential audience, because his fans on Facebook are the ones who are the most engaged with New Portrait Biz as a brand. Scott also spaced out his sweepstakes announcements amongst his regular content, his announcements had a smaller risk of looking like spam, and drew engagement instead.

Your Turn

Want to run a Facebook sweepstakes and capture emails like Scott? Check out Heyo’s Sweepstakes template and start your own sweepstakes like the one in this case study by clicking here! Just put in your name, email, and create a new password to check out templates like this one for free.


Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.