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Emily Goodrich


April 10, 2014

Introducing the Heyo Pinterest Template

We here at Heyo are thrilled to announce the new Heyo Pinterest Template! This new Social Template is fired up and ready to sync your vibrant Pin Boards directly to your Facebook fan page! Click here to try it out for yourself.

Pinterest is Here

So, you have a Pinterest page with engaging visual content and a Facebook fan page where you heyo pinterest templatecommunicate with most of your fans. You’ve decided that you want to share your vibrant visual content with both fan bases. You don’t have time to individually import the photos from your boards into Facebook, so how do you do it?

Never fear, intrepid social media user! Our awesome development team has created a new Social Media template for you. The Heyo Pinterest template allows you to sync your Pinterest profile, or individual Pinterest boards directly to your Facebook fan page. Whether you want to share a specific board relevant to your Facebook fans or campaigns, or you want to introduce your Facebook fans to your Pinterest, the Heyo Pinterest Template has you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the new template.

Features of the Heyo Pinterest Template

mobile_preview_pinThe Heyo Pinterest Template is part of a new set of Social Media templates that allow you to consolidate social media content onto your fan page. Like our contest templates, the Heyo Pinterest template is mobile optimized. This means that a fan will be able to see the page on their device as shown on the left; this is vital, as Facebook does not support mobile tabs on it’s fan page.

This template has two options available that will allow you to easily pull your Pinterest content into your campaign: the Pinterest Profile and Individual Board options. Both options can be selected using the options menu on the right side of the screen.

The first option is the Pinterest Profile. This setting syncs all of your pins as they would appear on your public Pinterest profile. This way, your Facebook fans can see each new pin or repin from your fan page, and won’t need to jockey between tabs.

heyo pinterest template profileAll you have to do is pop the URL for your Pinterest page in the given field, and the template will automatically display your most recent pins.

If you want to showcase a specific pin board, the Individual Board option is the one for you. This option syncs the pins from a specified board URL, and displays the most recent pins to that board.

heyo pinterest template board

Both of these options also allow your fans to repin your content directly from Facebook. All a fan has to do is click on the image they would like to repin, and a popup will appear, allowing them to repin your content directly to their personal boards. This popup also allows fans to share the pin on Facebook.


Your Turn

Now that you’ve seen what the Heyo Pinterest template can do, we hope you’ll try it out for yourself. As always, we are working to bring you the best product possible.  If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you – just shoot us an email and give us your thoughts!

Emily Goodrich


Emily Goodrich is a Technical Writer at Heyo. She is a Senior studying Creative and Professional Writing at Virginia Tech.