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Brooks Tiffany


May 12, 2014

Introducing the New Heyo Instagram Template

We at Heyo are delighted to announce our new Instagram Template. This is the latest addition to our growing library of Social Templates as we continue expand the options we offer you. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out here. Read on to find out what this new template is bringing you.

The Instagram Template has arrived

If you’re really big on Instagram, and you have a Facebook fan following, why not try to combine fan bases? You put a lot of work into taking those “instant photo + telegrams”  –  so it only made sense for us here at Heyo to come up with a way to make those photos even more accessible to your Facebook fans.

Heyo’s new Instagram template has just what you need. The Instagram template is part of our suite of social media templates, and is ready to help you show off your stellar Instagram content.

With the Instagram template, your fans will be able to see all your Instagram photos in one place, rather than having to sift through your Facebook photo albums or switch tabs. Your Instagram photos tend to be your best ones right? Using the Instagram template really gives your Instagram photos the attention they deserve.

If you’re not an Instagram person, but more of Pinterest person – or if you are both – be sure to check out Emily’s Pinterest template article.

Instagram Features

So, you’ve got an Instagram account and you want to know how this template can benefit you. This template, like the Contest Templates, is mobile optimized – which is crucial because Facebook does not support mobile tabs on it’s fan pages. This is how awesome your Instagram template would look to a fan on their mobile phone:


You’re probably wondering how you get all your pictures to show up in the template. It’s actually quite easy; all you have to do is decide whether you want the template to draw from a specific profile or a Hashtag.

The profile option will import the photos on your Instagram profile. The template will display much like your profile on Instagram; all photos will appear in chronological order, with the newest photos first. Each photo links the fan back to your Instagram page, as well.


You can also choose to display photos by hashtag – this will draw in all the public photos listed with that hashtag and list them chronologically on your template. Pretty cool huh?hashtag_instagram_template

When you’re satisfied with what your board is displaying go ahead and publish it for the world to see. Short and sweet.

Give it a try

So, now that you’ve got the low down on our Instagram template, why don’t you go give a try? Combining Instagram with Facebook is a surefire way to ensure you are connected with your fans. That’s what we here at Heyo do – make it easy for you to reach out to your fans.

I have a feeling you Instagram fans are going to go crazy over our upcoming Photo Contest Template – so stay tuned as we expand our template library!

If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you so give us a shout at in the comments below or email us at

Brooks Tiffany


Brooks Tiffany is the Customer Engagement Leader and Technical Writer at Heyo in Blacksburg, VA. He's an Air Force veteran with a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech. He'll start pursuing an M.S. in Human Centered Design and Enginnering at the University of Washington this Fall.