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Jim Risner


March 8, 2013

Facebook Faces First News Feed Test @SXSW Festival

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This week will be Facebook’s first real world test of its major updates to the new feed at the South by Southwest festival, in Austin, Texas. Tens of thousands of business leaders, marketers, musicians, journalists, bloggers and everyone else in-between will swarm to Austin over the next 10 days in search of “the next big thing”.

While the crowd attending may be diverse, they will all have once common shared experience; a first hand demo of Facebook’s latest update to one of the most popular pages on the internet, their news feed.

While at the Festival, patrons and presenters alike put their smart phones through a battery draining gauntlet of text, twitter, and photo updates of their experiences through-out the day. This normally routine experience will be drastically different as a result of Facebook’s new user interface.

Facebook faces first news feed test
This year’s South by South West will provide the perfect stage for Facebook to test out its streamlined photo sharing capabilities. 

With an estimated 100,000 photos expected to be posted of the latest and greatest from all the heavy hitters and titans of industry, this year’s South by South West festival will likely be the first time many Facebook users experience the latest updates. Large, beautiful images of the latest technology and the newest advertising campaigns that go with them will likely be filling the screens of mobile phones and web browsers alike over the next 10 days as photos stream in from Austin. Users who already have the update should keep a watchful eye out, as they will be the first users who’s input will directly effect the future of Facebook. If this week is a success for the social networking juggernaut, its likely that Facebook will roll out their planned changes faster than users can say “Zuckerberg”.

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