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September 22, 2011

Facebook Changes F8: 3 Ways Social was Just Re-Defined in under 30 seconds

September 22, 2011 | By | 19 Comments">19 Comments

Your Facebook profile is about to change dramatically. Hang tight, we’ll get you caught up in under 30 seconds. Mark Zuckerberg nervously laughed:  “Facebook, for the first time last month, had 500 million people using it on a single day”. He then shared “Facebook has over 800 million users” and that the “Next 5 years will be focused on engagement now that the network is established.” Facebook is launching 3 things today that are totally going to re-define social. Hit “Click to Continue” to get caugh up in under 30 seconds. The biggest change is… First things first. What will your new profile look like?


The following things will dominate the new profiles for a new view on social. Timeline- The Story of your Life When will timeline affect you: Beta period starts now. Everyone else will get it over the next few weeks. Sign up here.   Timeline works by showing you all of your recent social content. As you go back in time, it’ll only summarize important information. The further back you go, the more summarized your content gets. This is the new magic of timeline. You can tell the whole story of your life on a single page. The timeline has blue dots which highlight important content and grey dots with less important, hidden content. You can view this content in the timeline by clicking the grey dot. The most important piece here is you can add to your own social story by adding content from your past that you may have missed.         Timeline has 3 main features. 1. Curate your life- build your story 2. Reports– click on any story in the timeline and you’ll see a history from other similar stories. For example, every time you post pictures of your running or updates of you cooking different foods, Facebook sorts this. You can click on a single cooking story to see a cooking report. 3. Express yourself– present your story to your friends to find and create more social engaging experiences.

Open graph: A New Class of Apps to help you discover new things Through Your Friends

Launch Date: Want people using timeline first. Media apps, music, tv, news, that work well with ticker and newsfeed launch now Facebook is building out different social applications. The first were centered around things naturally social. This started with communication applications. Gaming applications like Farmville came next. Facebook is now partnering out and redefining Media and Lifestyles through your social information. There are 3 main goals behind the new set of social information that will help you discover new things through your friends in 3 ways. 1. Frictionless experiences- if using an application, like playing farmville, Facebook will add the event to the timeline and ticker automatically. 2. Real time serendipity – you can connect to what your friends are doing right now through live ticker ticker feed. “Mike is listening to Lady Gaga on Spotify” – you can click this and join in listening. Or harass him for listening to Lady Gaga. 3. Finding patterns – learn about friends music taste by looking at a quick rollup of their favorite genres generated by all the songs they’ve listened to. Let’s take a look at Media apps. This will include movies and songs. You’ll see that “John is watching MOVIE on Netflix” or “Nathan is listening to SONG on Spotify”. Netflix and Spotify are just two launch partners. All of your activity through these different applications can then be added into your timeline on your profile and will automatically publish to the ticker. Second up is Lifestyle apps. What do you eat, do you run, what is your fashion sense like? Facebook has partnered with application developers in all of these lifestyle spaces so you can see activities like “Nathan ran 5.3 miles with Nike”. This will autopublish to the ticker and your timeline. Then you can get a report on your timeline for all the running you did over any span of time. Or get a report on your outfits you designed or purchased over any span of time, or what you ate over a period of time.

Applications: Nathan is Watching The Social Network on Netflix

Instead of reading that “Nathan likes The Social Network“, you’ll see “Nathan is watching  The Social Network on Netflix” You can now connect to anything in any way you want. These will auto-publish to the ticker, but not your friends news feed. When you share a post, it goes to the newsfeed. It’s a Facebook within a Facebook. Cool.

What do you think of these new changes? Comment below.

If you have extra time, the entire KeyNote is here:

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