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Matt Baglia


May 20, 2015

5 Legendary ‘Text to Win’ Contest Ideas

Run a text to win contest, and watch your subscriber count soar. If you want to grow your text marketing list at a rapid rate, this is by far the best method. People like large incentives, and with a text to win contest, you can provide just that. Here are 5 legendary text to win contest ideas. Not all apply to your industry or market, so pick one or two that subscribers will find irresistible.


1. Free Membership

This is one is extremely popular among gyms, health centers, and tanning salons. Change the reward duration to fit your customer and service. For example, tanning salons might offer one free week of tanning, while a gym might award a complimentary one month membership.

2. Free Service

If you’re a hair stylist using text marketing to engage with clients, this is a no brainer. Set up a text to win campaign that awards one lucky winner with a complimentary cut and color. To increase engagement, take it one step further. Take before and after pictures to share with social media fans. This reward can apply to so many different industries. Offer a free oil change, free consultation, free massage – the list goes on and on.

3. Limited or Special Edition

Ecommerce retailers love to use this text to win promotion. Announce the release of a limited or special edition product, and gather interest via text to win. A handful of lucky subscribers will receive a limited or special edition product. Loyal shoppers will always jump at the chance to own a piece of exclusive merchandise.

4. Free Food

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Everyone loves free food. If you don’t, you might not be human. Offer a free meal, or even better, a catered dinner for two. If you’re not a fine dining establishment, award lucky winners with a simpler prize – something like one free large pizza every Friday for the next month. Pizza always peaks curiosity, don’t you agree? Point is, free food always wins. It’s one of the easiest text to win promotions, but still widely successful.

5. Meet and Greet

If you manage a text marketing account for a sports team or musician, this is an awesome text to win incentive. Pick a handful of lucky winners to meet up with players after the game, or a few diehard fans to go backstage after a concert. If you announce this text to win contest at a large event, your number of subscribers will go through the roof. Chances are, fans will jump at the chance to engage. This also enhances the exclusivity factor of your VIP text marketing list.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds, even thousands of other rewards you can offer via text to win. When creating your campaign always keep this in mind – pick something that will be of value to the customer. Stay away from giving away leftover inventory. Don’t pick something that the subscriber could easily buy for $10 or less. Make your reward extremely valuable, and subscribers will happily text in to win.

Matt Baglia


Matt Baglia is the CEO of, a leader in the SMS marketing industry. They provide businesses and organizations all over the United States with an easy and cost effective platform for sending targeted, opt-in text messages.