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Social Media Marketing for Business

Brad Friedman


November 11, 2015

When To Post On Twitter

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Your challenge is determining how to reach the maximum number of people there with marketing content you post. If you’re running a company and depend on finding leads through a social network like Twitter, you’re going to need some better timing, including better formatting for mobile users.

The reason is more people are using Twitter on mobile lately than their desktops. This might surprise you if you thought everyone is at home tweeting up a storm through the day or into the evening.

While some people work from home and check Twitter every few minutes (we’re just as guilty as you), most individuals are on the go. In this regard, figuring out when to capture prospective customers on your follow list is sometimes elusive.

It’s time you analyzed your Twitter marketing campaign and figured out what your goals are so you can pinpoint the right time to post. It also pays to start using Twitter’s activity analytics page so you can tweak things to avoid wasting time.

Determining Your Audience and Their Time Zones

If you’re just using Twitter for your own personal use, you probably realize by now that mornings and afternoons are the busiest times of the day to communicate with those in the United States. For a business, however, reaching international markets as well as those in America is a more important task. As such, you may want to try automated tweets throughout the day to capture different time zones.

Regardless, automated tweets remove the personal, real-time touch that live tweets provide. With most content link clicks occurring between noon and 6 p.m. you may want to capture your strongest demographics first with live tweets. For international markets, perhaps you should hire a social media team to live-tweet late at night to capture the noon to 6 p.m. crowd in Europe or Asia. Even when using an automation tool like Hootsuite, we recommend making your tweets sound like they are being tweeted in real time.

Yet, before you start placing content on Twitter, starting conversations there under hashtag searches helps build a strong follower list. Once you start posting content for those people, your posts will need more than just talking about you or your business. Think about hosting Twitter Chats too. These go a long way toward developing trust, credibility and thought leadership.

Placing Eye-Catching Media on Twitter Feeds

Those who still wonder if using too much text is a problem in marketing should see the evidence showing any tweet under 100 characters gets far more engagement. The same goes for any tweet with any attached image or hashtag.

This seems to explain a lot in how people automatically respond to content on Twitter. Whether it’s psychological based on images and hashtags making tweets look more attractive, it gives indications we’re definitely living in a more visual society.

Still, don’t assume an image and a hashtag takes the place of good content. Whatever you place in your tweet (or link), post valuable content and something the reader can’t find anywhere else.

Best Time to Capture the Mobile Crowd

With the noon-6 p.m. time frame working well when most people sign into Twitter, it’s a little different with those on mobile. Commute times are when mobile Twitter users are reading, even if that can get iffy if they’re driving cars. Those on subways or who walk will appreciate your content to occupy their time on long commutes home.

Based on recent reports of traffic congestion on U.S. highways during commutes, those stuck in cars may find your Twitter content worthy company anyway.

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About the Author » Brad Friedman is a “Recovering Attorney” living in Denver, Colorado. In 2010, Mr. Friedman who authors three blogs of his own, parlayed his passion for technology and his business, legal and marketing savvy into the creation of The Friedman Group, LLC.